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The New War: Hotfix 31.0.10


  • Reskinned the Captura Settings UI screen to provide an updated look!

    • A continuation of the ongoing UI Reskin efforts noted in Updated 30.9.0.


  • Fixed a Dx12 crash when switching between Fullscreen and Windowed.

  • Fixed a Dx12 crash that could occur in The War Within Quest if Enhanced Rendering was enabled.

  • Fixed multiple spots where the Drone could get stuck during its escort in the post-New War Plains of Eidolon.

    • Please let us know if the Drone continues to get stuck post-Hotfix. Screenshots are much appreciated!

  • Fixed a Companion weapon not applying all equipped Upgrades if they are valid for the weapon's current configuration but the weapon has a capacity upgrade and the Companion does not.

  • Fixed Corpus Outpost tilesets with snow having black snow falling in their outdoor segments.

  • Fixed incorrectly sized ‘X’ button callout in the Dojo Room Options screen.

  • Fixed camera not panning out when attempting to view different Orbiter Appearances.

  • Fixed a script error after purchasing the Orbiter Captura Scene and then attempting to use it.

The New War: Hotfix 31.0.9


  • Improved CPU performance on Dx12 by improving CPU core utilization, most significantly noticeable in Railjack missions or Free Roam levels.

  • Made the launcher's cache optimize feature also clean up crash reports that might have failed to submit in the past (for some extreme cases this might be hundreds of MB of wasted space).

  • Optimized away a few single-frame hitches and potentially fixed a rare crash.

  • Optimized game startup, particularly when a Quest is active.

  • Fixed crashes when failing to launch the game.


  • Elite Outriders now drop the same Mods as regular Outriders in Railjack missions (in addition to the Wreckage they already drop).

  • Added a ‘Narmer’ category to the Simulacrum Spawner screen.


  • Fixed Orb Vallis Jailers sometimes spawning hundreds of meters away and not commuting to the objective.

  • Fixed Grineer pod launcher cannon not working in Grineer-to-Corpus ship Invasion / Crossfire missions.

  • Fixed Invasion Events (Fomorian or Razorback Armada) not triggering when eligible to.

  • Fixed a Fortuna Fragment spawning inside geometry after completing The New War Quest.

  • Fixed a post-NW Captura Scene not respecting placed Decorations.

  • Fixed rare case of Mod Capacity going into a negative state when Upgrading Mods when you are over MR 30.

  • Fixed lingering muzzle FX on the Tenet Cycron

  • Fixed excessive force feedback during Caliban’s Razor Gyre ability.

  • Fixed missing lip sync animations during the Second Dream Quest.

  • Fixed a script error when an Adversary fails to spawn after a Host migration.


We’re back! Devstream #159 is coming to your screens on Friday, January 28th at 2 p.m ET. There will be spoilers - we are openly discussing a lot of The New War on this Devstream!

We have lots to cover now that ‘The New War’ is in your hands, join us in celebrating its release and looking beyond to what 2022 holds!

There will be Drops - watch to earn yourself a random Galvanized Mod! Let us know what you get - your Arsenal will grow more powerful, Tenno!

See you over at Friday, January 28th at 2 p.m ET!

Please note due to Omicron, we are resuming Devstreams from home. Our short lived time back at the studio will be missed and we hope to be back soon when it is safe to do so.

P.S: Community Streams will resume in February! Expect more information later this month on how those will look this year.


We recently reported outages on Xbox due to maintenance, but we are seeing connectivity disruptions on all platforms now (or at least the potential to disrupt). Stay tuned for closure on this matter - we locked the Xbox thread and have this broad thread for communicating.

EDIT: This is currently resolved! We will keep watch!

January 17th Update: We will see the Fomorian & Razorbacks returning later today! We have also submitted a fix that simplifies the process for future deployments, so we shouldn't run into this type of delay again.


Thanks to player reporting, we’ve noted that the Fomorian Sabotage and/or Razorback Armada are fully constructed and ready for their appearances on all platforms, but haven’t taken place yet. As much as we’d like to say that Vay Hek just has some lingering holiday Turkey brain and forgot, these limited-time events are initiated manually server side and won’t be able to go live until some of our team return from some well deserved vacation.

Sorry for the delay, we expect to launch these in the near future and to also simplify the process for future deployments. We’ll update here with details for their launch when we have them.

Thank you!