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  • Monday: Harrow Neuroptics
  • Tuesday: Harrow Chassis
  • Wednesday: Harrow Systems
  • Thursday: Khora Blueprint

Helminth isn’t one for single course meals, which means we simply must serve up more built Warframe Components this week. Hungry hungry Helminth!

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Thank you to everyone who submitted their designs for TennoCon 2020! We were overwhelmed by the flood of response by so many talented Tenno!

This commemorative For Fans by Fans x TennoCon Collection features the three winning designs from our 2020 challenge: the Kubro T-Shirt by Kedemel, the Lotus Spirit Mousepad by DebbySheen, and the Ivara On A Lilypad T-Shirt by kindred. These winning designs are available exclusively on the official Warframe Merch Store


The complete sixth For Fans By Fans Collection is available now, featuring incredible new designs! Use discount code TENNO2020 at checkout to save 20% until August 20, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. PT.

You could also win Inaros Prime Access! Shop For Fans by Fans x TennoCon designs on either the For Fans by Fans store, or the official Warframe Merch Store before August 10 at 11:59 p.m. PT for a chance to win the desert king.

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Platinum Winners:

Inaros Prime Access Winner:

Fan Art:


Mother by Undergroundwubwubmaster

Mother by Dollyfaust

Mother by Stygira

Mother by Kotoshuba

Mother by Leothepugart

Mother by SpireofBone

Mother in Wonderland by Studiocyen

Mother by ScorchedIce

Xaku by Harmaa_griffin

Plant Aunt by Primed_Average

Mother by Ottofyre

Gasp by Hawker-the-gary

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With TennoCon behind us, we can safely say we had our most successful Twitch Drops campaign to date. We sent out over 740,000 Twitch drops - but that hasn’t stopped over 10,000 tickets from coming in! We aim to implement generous measures to resolve these cases.

We are doing a script to reward the following:

Anyone who logged in to Warframe on TennoCon day will receive Hydroid Prime, Necramech statue, Lemnas Staff skin, and the Athodai hand cannon if it was missing

As of now, this Script is partially complete and will require more work!

1:30 PM ET Update:
The script is finished on PC and was complete in two steps.
The first step
gave the items, the second step gave the items their needed Slot, Helmet, Reactor, or Catalyst as a repair.

We are moving onto Console Scripting now.

3:00 PM ET Update:
All Consoles have had their Scripts completed.

Thank you everyone for your patience, as of now, anyone who logged in to Warframe on TennoCon day will receive Hydroid Prime, Necramech statue, Lemnas Staff skin, and the Athodai hand cannon if it was missing

We found a new issue regarding the Nechramech statue that we are working on, as well as doing a final audit. Expect more news tomorrow!

Final scripts for the above issue are complete. Please check your Inventories for the goodies!

To prevent future errors, even if you believe it is connected properly or has worked previously, if you had a missing Hydroid or Athodai hand cannon we STRONGLY recommend you un-link all your Twitch and Warframe accounts then re-link ONE and ONLY ONE Twitch account to your Warframe account. Switching back and forth between accounts on either end is a regular cause of errors. Changing your Twitch password can also cause a loss of stored account credentials, and will require you to re-establish the link to Warframe through our website under Account Settings.

To properly re-link your account please do the following:
1. Unlink your Twitch and Warframe accounts via
2. Disconnect Warframe from Twitch via Scroll down to "Other Connections" and select "Disconnect"
3. Reconnect your Twitch and Warframe account following the instructions on
4. Verify your account has been successfully connected via
Thanks, Tenno!

P.S Athodai will be back in the future, it is not exclusive to this event!

Hello Tenno!

As some of you are aware from Tennocon, with the upcoming Heart of Deimos update we will be removing the “Orokin Derelicts” region from the map. Its map nodes will be instead given to the pulsing, infested Deimos region.

This raises the question: What happens to players on the Steel Path? You get a unique Emote and Trophy for each region that you have completed, but if the Derelicts aren’t on the map how will you get these rewards?

The answer is: After Heart of Deimos launches, finishing the Deimos region will give you BOTH the Deimos and Derelict rewards regardless of whether you have previously finished the Derelicts. This way everybody has a chance to finish their entire set, and thematically it respects both areas: the original Derelicts, and the new Deimos landscape.