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Mirage Prime Access Winner: butters909

Fan Art Recap
Warframe Inktober

Fan Concept
Schielle’s Master Teasonai’s Great Hunt

See you tomorrow for Devstream #103!


You won’t want to miss the last Prime Time of 2017!

Your hosts Rebecca and Megan are reuniting to take down their first Eidolon on stream! They’ll have 25 minutes of night in the Plains to get the task done. Tune in to find out if they can succeed! 

Don’t close that window early! Watch Prime Time for a cumulative 30 minutes and earn yourself the Solstice Glyph Pack as a Twitch Drop! Make sure to link your Twitch account here so you’re eligible.

PLUS, we’ve got more amazing Fan Art, and the Fan Concept of the week! Don’t miss your chance at a Mirage Prime Access giveaway for a lucky viewer!

See you here tonight, December 14th at 7 p.m. ET. Check your time zones here.

Devstream103_1080p.jpg2017’s Final Devstream is coming! Join us this Friday, December 15th for Devstream #103.

Who:  Rebecca, Steve, Sheldon, Scott & Geoff are here to say goodbye until 2018!  

What:  We will be taking a look at Warframe’s last major Update of the year (hopefully.. if things go according to plan) which includes Khora and so much more! We will also be running another Twitch Drops test – how it’ll go, nobody knows! Tune in to participate in the Drop campaign which requires 30 minutes of cumulative Devstream viewtime with a Twitch Linked account. What is the drop this time around? Exilus Adaptor, round 2. Let’s do this, Tenno.
Prizes? Why yes, we will be giving away 3 x 1000 Platinum Prizes and during the Livestream as well as a Mirage Prime Access!

Where: Find us at:

When: Join us this December 15th at 2 p.m ET!  

This thread closes at 10 a.m. on December 15th – get your questions in! We ask you for your favourite Warframe 2017 Memory in addition to a question! As many of us will begin our holidays, we’d love to reflect on your favourite Warframe moment of 2017 so we can create more of the positive experiences in 2018. We know 2017 hasn’t been a perfect year of course, Tenno. Sometimes knowing what you loved is just as important as knowing what you didn’t like (which we’ve got lists and lists of).



Bring the golden illusionist to life with Mirage Prime Access!


  • Mirage Prime: Dazzle the opposition with this golden master of illusion and mayhem.
  • Mirage Prime Glyphs: Show your devotion for the master of illusion with all-new Glyphs!
  • Kogake Prime: Deliver a golden knockout with these prime melee weapons.
  • Akbolto Prime: Gilded rails adorn these two vicious bolt-launching pistols.



  • Abbera Prime Syandana: Mirage Prime’s signature syandana.
  • Atavist Prime Armor: Mezmerize enemies with Mirage Prime’s signature armor.

You can also find Relics in game containing the Blueprints and parts required to build Mirage Prime, Kogake Prime, and Akbolto Prime.

PC and Xbox One Release Date:
Worldwide - Dec 12

PS4 Release Dates:
Americas - Dec 12
Europe/Australia - Dec 13
Asia - Dec 13
Japan - Dec 14 

Plains of Eidolon: Mirage Prime 22.7.0


Razzle and dazzle with the newest Prime items:

Mirage Prime: Dazzle the opposition with this golden master of illusion and mayhem with increased Shield and Armor!


Kogake Prime: Deliver a golden knockout with these prime melee weapons.
Akbolto Prime: Gilded rails adorn these two vicious bolt-launching pistols.

Bring the golden illusionist to life with Mirage Prime Access:

Saryn Prime, Nikana Prime and Spira Prime have entered the Prime Vault, and their Relics are no longer be obtainable in the game.

*If you already wield the power of these Primes or if you already hold Relics in your inventory that house these Primes, they will remain in your inventory.

As a result of Saryn Prime, Nikana Prime, and Spira Prime entering the Prime Vault, the following Syndicate sacrifices have been swapped: 

Arbiters of Hexis: 
Saryn Prime Neuroptics swapped to Nekros Prime Neuroptics 
Spira Prime Blade swapped to Cernos Prime Lower Limb

Perrin Sequence:
Nikana Prime Blade swapped to Venka Prime Gauntlet

Red Veil:
Saryn Prime Chassis swapped to Banshee Prime Chassis

Steel Meridian:
Saryn Prime Neuroptics swapped to Nekros Prime Neuroptics


  • You can now swap to your primary weapon while holding Volt's Electric Shield, doing this will drop the Electric Shield. You can drop the Electric Shield as before to avoid switching to another weapon.


  • Fixed being stuck in an unmovable state when attempting to return to Archwing during The War Within asteroid field phase.
  • Fixed Naramon Disarming Blast breaking several boss fights as reported here:
  • Fixed enemies never really ever attacking Octavia’s Mallet while following it.
  • Fixed Clients not getting the combo bonus damage boost from Octavia’s Mallet when combined with Resonator.
  • Fixed "Required In Vault" Dojo decorations not showing up in the list of placeable decorations.
  • Fixed the Syndicate Medallion/Sentient Core redemption UI allowing you to redeem a decimal value. Medallions/Cores were never actually redeemed as this was purely a UI issue.  
  • Fixed disabling dynamic resolution not restoring the scale back to 100% for Temporal Anti-aliasing Jitter.
  • Fixed "Abandoning Objective" text staying on screen if you blow by the objective in Sky Archwing in the Plains.
  • Fixed missing Operator VO and subtitles during The War Within cinematics. 
  • Fixed a loss of functionality when attempting to purchase a Kubrow Egg from Darvo.
  • Fixed crates spawning out of reach in the Orokin Derelict. 
  • Fixed sounds not playing properly when firing the Baza.
  • Fixed a texture gap on the floor of the Grineer Forest tileset. 
  • Fixed a script error when attempting to dissolve a “new” Mod for Endo.
  • Fixed a script error when casting Ivara’s Prowl ability. 

Conclave Fixes:


*Missed Note:

The Warframe launcher will now automatically Optimize if your cache has over half a gig of wasted space. This not only rids you of wasted space but also improves load times!


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Deck the Liset with boughs of Threshcones -- it’s that time of year again, Tenno!

Tennobaum is upon us, and you know what that means, lots and lots of gifts! Who doesn’t love gifts? There’s icing on top of this delicious holiday gift-giving treat -- every in-game gift you give your fellow Tenno will go towards increasing a donation to the Children’s Health Foundation.

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P.S Festive Dojo Decorations are back in your Clan's Dojo for a limited time!From now until Jan 10 at 2 p.m ET!

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Tennobaum is the most wonderful time of year to be a Tenno, so whether you love to give gifts, play in the snow, or deck the Solar System, there’s plenty of ways to celebrate in Warframe!

Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.6.1

Tenno, it seems Pedlek messed up some Zaw orders and built them with incorrect stats... Your Platinum and Forma will be refunded early next week and the Zaw removed along with any MR gains from it. You’ll receive an inbox messages from Hok with his deepest apologies when it is removed. Sorry for any inconvenience!

The Seismic Wave mod now drops from Bailiffs and Tusk Reavers. 


  • Adjusted the audio gain for rain the the Plains, and improved the ability to hear fishing and mining laser audio more clearly when it's raining.
  • Very slightly reduced the shadow from the eyelashes on Operators.