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Here with a late night surprise! We got news that Tenno across PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch could enter Deck 12 without having to enter the code earned from data-hash scanning and start the Exploiter Orb fight sequence! This is obviously not how we intended the next stage of the Operation to go as the data-hashes provide story behind Deck 12, so we will be diagnosing the issue tomorrow (March 27th) when everyone is awake and back in the studio.

But for now, we hope you enjoy taking on the Exploiter Orb! What follows is a breakdown of the Escalation phase of Buried Debts:

Good work, Tenno. You’ve been working hard at sealing up the Thermia Fractures. Now is the time to unearthed the secret lurking below known as Deck 12. But be wary, The Exploiter Orb Mother and a host of skittering Raknoids have made the platform and the surrounding area their home. It will take strength, fortitude and teamwork to destroy The Exploiter and avenge the fallen Solaris. Are you up to the challenge?

What You Need to Know:

Deck 12 has unlocked - if you know where to look. Work with Solaris United to take down The Exploiter while Operation: Buried Debts is still active! Every Diluted Thermia resource you’ve harvested so far with the Thermia Fractures will allow you an encounter with The Exploiter, you can stockpile, share, and more! You’ll only be able to take part in this event for a limited time, so be sure to take on The Exploiter or you’ll have to wait until Thermia Fractures re-appear.

The Plan:

The Exploiter has the ability to summon a powerful blizzard around itself, whipping up winds that can freeze you solid if you’re not careful. You must find a way to weaken the Orb Mother’s chilling abilities, pick apart its defenses, and ultimately settle the score.

The Rewards:

Defeating The Exploiter gives you a chance to earn:

  • Hildryn Chassis Blueprint
  • Hildryn Neuroptics Blueprint
  • Hildryn Systems Blueprint
  • Lazulite Toroid: A rare resource that is prized by Vox Solaris, trade it in for Standing!
  • Exploiter Orb Articula: Add a miniature Exploiter Orb Mother decoration to your Orbiter
  • Shocking Step Ephemera Blueprint: Craft this Ephemera to add a striking effect to your footsteps
  • Freezing Step Ephemera Blueprint


“How often will I have a chance to acquire Hildryn's blueprints?”

We've set up Hildryn in this event to be similar to Baro Ki'Teer in cadence. In the same way you can get Sands of Inaros from Baro Ki'Teer with Ducats when he visits regularly, you can use Thermia to get Hildryn. Fractures will occur often - like ghouls - to keep thermia in high supply. We’re also working on fracture improvements. Operation: Buried Debts will be frequent to make sure Hildryn's available to all!

“Do we need the Archgun Deployer to fight The Exploiter Orb Mother?”

No, you do not need the Archgun Deployer! All you need is Diluted Thermia to start the fight and take her on.

Buried Debts: Hotfix 24.5.6


The following items have returned to the Vault and their Relics have been removed from drops:

  • Ember Prime
  • Frost Prime
  • Latron Prime
  • Reaper Prime
  • Sicarus Prime
  • Glaive Prime

As always, if you own the now Vaulted Relics they will remain in your Inventory until you use/trade them.

Exploiter Orb Changes:

  • You can now waypoint the Exploiter vents!


  • K-Drive Race Affinity has been increased!
    • Affinity gained per Gate is now 500 (previously 200)
    • Affinity gained per Race completion is now 2500 (previously 1000)
  • Increased the height of the Napalm Grenades Mod damage area.

Nightwave Fix:

  • Fixed the ‘Day Trader’ Nightwave Act not being marked complete after meeting the requirements. The appropriate Standing was delivered behind-the-scenes, but the UI neglected to accurately display that. Completing the Index requirements again post Hotfix will correct your UI, but note that the Standing has already been delivered.


  • Fixed a crash related to having Charm equipped on your Smeeta Kavat.
  • Fixed AI appearing to stall and not proceed to the next door in the Glast Gambit quest.
  • Fixed the Aviator Mod not always applying the reduced Damage while airborne correctly to Hildryn.
  • Fixed Magus Lockdown using the position of your last Void Dash instead of your current one if you're a Client when placing the Mine.
  • Fixed Swarm Mutalist spore clouds blocking bullets.
  • Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors clones chasing after the true Mirage when riding a K-Drive. Her clones will now animate correctly while K-Driving.
  • Fixed Garuda’s Passive reading as 101% when bleeding out.
  • Fixed Profit-Taker appearing to have its Shield FX active when killed as a Client.
  • Fixed MOA Companions capable of being targeted by Disarm-style abilities, leaving them with nothing but a head-mounted prod.
  • Fixed the camera momentarily being jerked forward when shooting the Stug at certain angles.
  • Fixed Targis Prime Armor not sitting correctly on Hildryn.
  • Fixed Emblems not sitting correctly on the Harrow Graxx Skin.
  • Fixed unintentional slow movement for the Golden Maw.


Embrace the balance of duality with Equinox Prime. This harmonious warrior comes with the Stradavar Prime rifle, the Tipedo Prime staff and more!

Equinox Prime Access Features

  • Equinox Prime: Night and Day in final balance.
  • Equinox Prime Glyphs: Display your Equinox Prime loyalty.
  • Stradavar Prime: Never fail to call down a devastating finale.
  • Tipedo Prime: Sever your foes with this lithe and lethal staff.

Equinox Prime Accessories

  • Isabeau Prime Syandana
  • Narvarr Prime Armor
  • 90-Day Credit Booster
  • 90-Day Affinity Booster

Equinox Prime, Stradavar Prime and Tipedo Prime Blueprints can also be earned in-game through Relics!

Equinox Prime Access begins April 2 on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

For full regional dates for PS4, please see below:

  • April 2: America
  • April 3: Europe & Asia
  • April 4: Japan

Hi all!

Just dropping a quick note about our next Devstream - it will be on April 5th at 2 p.m ET. Stay tuned for the 'coming soon' thread next Wednesday!
See you then... 😄


783 billion enemies killed. Nearly 50 million registered Tenno. 1.8 million Floofs earned.

Thank you for an incredible 6 years, Tenno!


Celebrate with us and log in on March 27 at 2 p.m. ET to receive the new Liset Dex Skin and Excalibur Dex Noggle for free! You’ll also be able to earn all previous Dex items by completing special Anniversary Alerts.

The full list of previous Dex Items available is as follows:

  • Dex Furis
  • Dex Nouchali Syandana
  • Dex Dakra
  • Dex Sybaris
  • Excalibur Dex Skin




But act quickly, these Alerts are only available until April 10!

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Hi all -

There was approximately 5-7 minutes of server disruption this morning on the PC platform. One of our stats servers had an outage which resulted in the disruption. We are in the process of replacing the server. Connectivity has been restored!

Sorry for the surprise - what a mornin'!


Step into the recording booth, Tenno. It’s time for the most anticipated album of 2019: Tenno Tunes Vol 4! Make a Warframe-themed song that includes a Warframe sound to share with us and your fellow Tenno. The winning songs will be added to the Tenno Tunes playlist and featured on our livestreams alongside winning songs from previous years!

How to enter:
Create a Warframe-themed song/beat/jingle and submit the link in this thread for judging.

Upload your Tenno Tune to a site like Soundcloud or Youtube and post the link as your submission.

Our Fan Kit is full of Warframe audio that you can use in your Tenno Tune! Here is a list of sounds we have already added on top of many more:

  • Baruuk ability sounds
  • Garuda ability sounds
  • Hildryn ability sounds
  • Nora Night lines
  • Profit Taker lines
  • Exploiter Orb lines
  • Conservation animal sounds
    • Pobber
    • Virmink
    • Sawgaw
    • Bolarola
    • Horrasque
    • Stover
    • Kubrodon

Need an example?
Click here to listen to examples from the previous three Tenno Tunes contests!


  • One submission per person
  • Song must be Warframe-related
  • Song must be your original work (besides Warframe sounds)
  • Song must not exceed 4 minutes
  • Song must include Warframe-related sounds
  • If the song is a collaboration, credit and links to the other artist(s) must be included
  • Do not reserve posts in this thread
  • Submissions that do not follow these rules will be disqualified

1st place – Current Warframe Prime Access Pack and featured weekly on our live streams!
2nd place – 1000 Platinum and featured weekly on our live streams!
3rd place – 750 Platinum and featured weekly on our live streams!
4th place – 500 Platinum and featured weekly on our live streams!
5th – 30th place – 250 Platinum and featured weekly on our live streams!

Winners will be determined based on creativity and quality of their Warframe tune. Get creative!

This contest starts now until April 11th at 1:00 p.m. ET


Show us what you’ve got, Tenno!

Greetings PC Tenno (and Console Tenno who will experience this later!)!

Operation: Buried Debts was introduced 14 days ago, and as part of its initial release, we have been considering changes to mix up the way Thermia Fractures are harvested. Thermia Fractures will be coming back on a roughly bi-weekly basis, but we wanted to add some changes that allow players to determine the challenge and rewards given because the simple root of all feedback about Fractures is: too long and boring.

The general plan is to allow players to spend additional Coolant Canisters to increase the difficulty of that Thermia Fracture, in return for faster completion. When a new Coolant Canister is added, the Fracture will “burp” and cause some interesting new effects, some examples of which are listed below:

  • Molten Spider swarm (brand-new look and stats)!
  • The next few enemies will be Eximus Units!
  • Enemy damage output will increase!

When Thermia Fractures become systemic after the event ends, their role is to give you Diluted Thermia and bring a bit of activity to the Orb Vallis.

As of the time of this post, the Thermia Fracture Mixup is in development, and we are looking to deploy this change when the technical aspects are solid. We do not want to rush this deployment as any quality problems would continue to negatively impact the limited remainder of the current event.

As with any of our planned changes, we would like to see your thoughts on this new addition to Operation: Buried Debts. Remember to keep your thoughts and feedback constructive, but let us know what you think, or perhaps what kind of “burps” you think would work!


Rebecca and Megan are back in Vallis for another take-down of the Exploiter Orb! The Hildryn Systems Blueprint has evaded Megan for too long - RNG be on their side!

PLUS, don’t miss the newest Warframe Community Fan Art and Ducat Twitch Drop!!

See you here tonight, March 21st at 7pm ET. Check your time zones here.

Please ensure your correct Twitch account and Warframe account are linked to receive Twitch Drops:

*Don’t forget to get your Dojo in shape ... you never know when we could come knocking!

Nintendo Switch Tenno: By installing the Youtube app for free on your Nintendo Switch, you can conveniently watch the stream on the Warframe Youtube channel from your portable system!

Exploiter Orb Changes & Fixes:
- Polished some animations in the Exploiter Orb vent cinematics.
- Fixed crashing when transitioning to or from Deck 12 as an Operator.
- Fixed the Exploiter Orb not appearing in Phase 2 if there was a Host migration before Phase 1. Thanks to 'Immortal' for the solid repro on this!
- Fixed players sometimes disappearing on each others' screens after beginning to load to Deck 12 or back to Venus. This would often result in further issues such as unloading Venus while the player is standing in it.
- Fixed Clients seeing a massive Exploiter Orb when initiating the vent cinematic.
- Fixed the Exploiter Orb heat gauge potentially not updating when transitioning to and from Deck 12.
- Fixed the Exploiter Orb boss title text not appearing for Clients.
- Fixed a (sometimes) massive game hitch when entering Orb Vallis due to Thermia Fractures spot loading.

- Updated the text string of the Nightwave Act ‘Use Forma x/3 times’ to indicate that this cannot be done in the Simulacrum, as it will not count towards the Act.
- Common Nora Night Transmissions can now be disabled with 'enable hint transmissions' in the Audio Options menu.

- Potential fix for losing the ability to Melee or use Primary weapons after quick Meleeing.
- Fixed the Mantis Med Tower Air Support never appearing.
- Fixed the Lazulite Toroid not appearing in the App.
- Fixed Hildryn not being able to cast Balefire in Aegis Storm.
- Fixed a script error when using the Arsenal in Captura.

Known Issues:
- When a player joins the game while other players are in the Deck 12 ‘loading tunnel’, the team will meet an impassable door after Phase 1 of the Exploiter-Orb fight. To fix, the joining player needs to leave the squad, and loading will resume for the initial team. This issue is being looked at and will be hotfixed.

Buried Debts: Hotfix

- Fixed a crash on startup for low-spec PCs caused by texture optimizations in Hotfix 24.5.4