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We’re BACK! TennoCon 2018 has gone down as one of the biggest days in Warframe history… and we took the chance to finally sit down and discuss what was showed! Devstream #113 answered some of the most asked questions and comments from our TennoCon 2018 reveals, and just relished in the opportunity to show you more of Fortuna and Orb Vallis.

With how gameplay- and discussion-heavy this is, I highly recommend watching the full stream if you have time. If not, read up about what was shown about Venus, the Revenant Warframe, Railjack and more in our overview here:

See you in 2 weeks!



Hey console Tenno! 

Since TennoCon 2018 has come and passed, we wanted to give you an update on where we’re at with The Sacrifice Twitch Drops Campaign re-run. 

To get you up to speed, we originally informed you that we would be re-running the campaign after TennoCon. For the sake of the console Tenno who, at the time, did not want to spoil the quest while watching PC broadcaster streams, we still intend to do so! Our goal has not changed, however, since Update 23 launched on XB1, there have been some difficult-to-solve login and quest freezes/crashes issues

We recently just launched a hotfix on XB1 that’ll hopefully solve the bulk of these issues. You can read more about that here:

While we are confident in this fix, we require the following weeks to observe the fix to see if it’s been successful. Additionally, we are concerned that the traffic we usually get on our servers during a Twitch Drops campaign would cause more stress on these ongoing issues. 

With that said! Once we have the “all clear” that the fix has done what we sought it out to do, we will post an official start date for the campaign. We will also be posting a new thread when the Campaign goes live with all of the information you need to earn your Twitch Drops. You can expect the same rewards earned the same way as the first campaign run.

Thank you for your continued patience as we work to make this re-run a reality! 

The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.1.1

For those that purchased the Despot Cape Syandana but received the Excalibur Ronin Skin, please make a billing support ticket and they will fix you right up.


TennoGen Changes & Fixes:

  • Moved the new sexy TennoGen to the top of the in-game Market when launching with Steam.
  • Tweaked the Rhino Graxx Skin to more accurately match the Steam Workshop images.
  • Removed the Oberon Blade of the Lotus Shoulder Armor being equippable even without purchasing the Skin.
  • Corrected the Ogun Hammer Skin to the proper rotation on some weapons and overridden with the proper material on Syndicate weapons.
  • Fixed the Sildarg Syandana cloth materials clipping through it's Syandana sword. 


  • ‘Damaged Mods’ are hereby called ‘Flawed Mods’ now. Welcome to a new era. 
  • Items/resources dropped by Sentient in The Sacrifice quest have been removed. This follows precedent with other Sentient spawning related quests.
  • Cetus Star Chart node will now always glow blue until the player has completed their first Bounty.
  • Corrected an issue which caused particle systems to create excessive collision effects.
  • Removed the lore/Somachord Fragments spawning in the last mission of The Sacrifice quest. As you probably know, the pacing of that last mission doesn’t really warrant a Fragment search! 

Somachord & Mandachord Changes:

  • All Mandachord songs (other than the default song) will now appear in the Somachord, between the unlocked tracks and the locked tracks.
    • Each song will play for 10 loops = 80 seconds.
  • Added per-song autoplay toggle to the Somachord.
    • Right clicking a song will toggle eligibility for autoplay (or right trigger for controllers).
    • Songs with autoplay disabled can still be played manually, and through the historical prev/next song toggles (going backwards always plays the previously played songs, and going forward after doing that will do the same until a new song is selected).
  • Mandachord tunes now duck out other music in the Market and Star Chart.

Controller Fixes:

  • Fixed navigation logic that can cause the cursor to skip elements in diegetic screens, such as pressing UP while in the Inbox navigating to the squad overlay instead of the above Inbox message.
  • Fixed the Search window remaining active after backing out of the Arsenal Equip screen with the DPad.
  • Fixed virtual cursor not saving its position when browsing between ‘Browse Wares’ and ‘Today's Special’ for Cetus vendors.
  • Fixed virtual cursor warping when the mouse is moved after Alt Tabbing and moving the mouse outside game focus. 
  • Fixed inability to select a tab for the first time if the virtual cursor is already on one when first opening a station (Foundry, Mod Station, etc).  


  • Fixed having a floating Operator after spamming Transference while Operator is in the death animation.
  • Fixed max Energy displaying incorrectly when transitioning from Archwing mode as the Client.
  • Fixed being able to hold 1 to charge Zephyr’s Tail Wind and cast Airburst before the charge animation starts, causing you to get stuck.
  • Fixes towards Eidolon Lures hugging the ground and likely getting stuck at the smallest bumps.
  • Fixed UI textures sometimes being blurry when Dynamic Resolution is used.
  • Fixed Nakak’s masks reflecting your chosen Operator Energy color. 
  • Fixed previewing Nakak's masks defaulting your Operators Somatic colours.
  • Fixed Liset doors re-playing the open sound when entering with Operator while Warframe is already standing there.
  • Fixed "Recent" tab in the Invite menu always displaying other players on "Menus" even when Offline.
  • Fixed camera sometimes clipping through the Arsenal.
  • Fixed a script error when casting numerous Warframe abilities.

These last few weeks have been pretty busy around here -- Warframe just keeps growing and growing! Among other things, our chat servers have been running a little hot for a while now and in recent weeks they have been really showing their age. As part of continued improvements to our network infrastructure, we recently upgraded our PC Chat server to a box with over 50% more hamsters in it, and we’re planning to deploy upgrades for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 chat servers next week. Fresh woodchips for everybody!

One of the things the new servers can do is IPv6 networking. You might remember about a year ago we enabled dual-stack IPv6 for a number of servers, which has been great, but this left some of our infrastructure still on IPv4.

Coming soon to a hotfix near you is an experimental option to connect to chat using the new protocol (enable in Settings => Chat => IPv6). Note: for this option to do anything, you will need IPv6 connectivity (you can check Support on Xbox One will arrive soon, but unfortunately support on the PlayStation 4 can’t happen without some SDK features from Sony.

Among other things, we hope that IPv6 will reduce periodic disconnects that some people experience (usually reported as error code 10054 when a network device between your PC and our servers drops your connection for no reason). Generally we can’t “fix the internet,” so we just reconnect when it happens -- but we’re hoping that if you’re on IPv6 you can avoid carrier 6-to-4 NAT, which may avoid the issue altogether.

We also hope IPv6 will help some people simply never being able to connect to chat (the spinner never stops). For some reason this is more of a problem for PC players, but it’s not clear why. (Firewall software? Misbehaving routers? The killer is still at large!) This may be as common as one out of every 20 players, but I have yet to meet someone with this problem, much less someone willing to run packet captures for me to diagnose it. (If that’s you, let me know!)

I personally don’t have IPv6 connectivity (I had to test all this with a VPN), so I’m hoping to hear from you guys who have modern ISPs to tell me how well it works. Since everything should be automatic, our goal is to turn it on by default at some point in the near future once we iron out any wrinkles you may find.


Who:  Rebecca is joined by the usual suspects Geoff, Steve, Sheldon, and Scott!

What: We’re BACK! TennoCon 2018 has gone down as one of the biggest days in Warframe history… We should probably talk about what we showed! In Devstream #113 we’ll be compiling some of the most asked questions and comments from our TennoCon 2018 day and going through them on Stream! Expect to see more Fortuna, more of the Orb Vallis, and some more Warframe!  

Prizes? Oh yes, Platinum and Prime Access awaits lucky Twitch viewers!

Where: live at (among other places)!

When:  Friday, July 20 at 2 p.m ET!  

Please ask your TennoCon/TennoLive related questions here! The thread closes Friday at 10 a.m!


The Sacrifice: Update 23.1.0: TennoGen Round 13! 

TennoGen Round 13

Warframe Skins


Nova Corpra Skin by Frelling Hazmot

Excalibur Ronin Skin by Rekkou

Loki Kodama Skin by HitsuSan

Nekros Graxx Skin by Faven

Zephyr Strafe Skin by prosetisen



Excalibur Exaltation Skin by Cheshire

Banshee Blade of the Lotus Skin by BeastBuster

Rhino Blade of the Lotus Skin by BeastBuster

Oberon Blade of the Lotus Skin by BeastBuster

Trinity Blade of the Lotus Skin by BeastBuster



Warframe Helmets

Nekros Ion Helmet by Yatus




Icarius Syandana by malayu, Scharkie, and Jadie

Kunshu Syandana by BeastBuster

Seraphim Syandana by led2012 and jaeon009

Shurihoshi Syandana by led2012 and daemonstar

Sildarg Syandana by led2012 and daemonstar

Sydeko Syandana by led2012 and daemonstar



Weapon Skins

Aphria Polearm Skin by Arsenal

Eisen Sword Skin by Rekkou

Ogun Hammer Skin by Stenchfury


Liset Skins

Protege Liset Skin by MaceMadunusus



  • The Sacrifice is now replayable!  2 new original quest songs have been added to the Somachord from the Sacrifice soundtrack. You can find and scan the Fragments by re-playing the quest! 
    • These Somachord Fragments must be scanned in mission order from beginning to end in order to collect them all. If you miss one in mission 3 (for example) you can replay the quest and begin your search at mission 3 instead of back at mission 1. 


  • New Player Experience changes:
    • After watching far too many people struggle (and reading many feedback threads) with the crafting of an Incubator Core in the 'Howl of the Kubrow' quest, we are making it easier! We now give 'Incubator Cores' as a reward for completing the Earth > Mars Junction. Anyone who has completed Howl of the Kubrow will receive one on login automatically. 


  • Fixed an issue with Clients not seeing Synthesis Target waypoints. 
  • Fixed an issue with being unable to mine on the Plains of Eidolon after a Host migration.
  • Fixed a crash when reviving underwater or in Archwing.
  • Fixed various game crashes and hangs particularly for long-running missions.
  • Fixed a case where you could permanently lose the ability to cast Warframe abilities. 
  • Fixed an issue with the Sentinel 'Spare Parts' Mod not working.
  • Fixed an issue where Clients would not see Djinn's Reawaken icon. 
  • Fixed an issue where Ivara's Artemis Bow was not properly consuming energy.
  • Fixed the Sentinel 'Medi-Ray' Mod not working with Umbra.
  • Fixed Magus Nourish not working with Umbra.
  • Fixed an issue with the Juggernaut Behemoth not using all of his moves. 
  • Fixed inconsistencies with the state of Lua in the Plains of Eidolon skybox.
  • Fixed an issue where attempting to sell a ranked Arcane enhancement through your inventory would fail. 
  • Fixed enemies not being visible for Clients if they were in a ragdoll state for the Host.
  • Fixed a level issue in the Corpus Ice Planet tileset (Europa). 
  • Fixed various navigation issues in the Corpus Ice Planet tileset (Europa).
  • Fixed an edge case where Clients could auto-fail Onslaught if they joined in-progress.
  • Fixed Energy values being mismatched between Client and Host when switching to and from Archwing. This usually resulted in Clients having a lower Energy amount than they should until they used an ability. Also fixes sometimes continuously attempting and failing to use energy pickups on Client.
  • Fixed a possible game freeze that could occur if an ineligible player joins a squad (e.g. someone joins your Sortie session without a rank 30 Warframe).
  • Fixed an issue where Nakak's mask dioramas would not show the masks properly. 
  • Fixed an audio issue with the Quartakk becoming silent when rapid firing. 


Become the master of manipulation! The Prime Vault opens July 24 on all platforms!

For the first time ever, the hypnotic Nyx Prime is leaving the Vault! Charging out beside her is Rhino Prime along with other high-demand Vaulted Prime Accessories, Prime Weapons and discounted Platinum.

Thanks to your feedback, this is also the first time we’re offering separate Prime Accessory Packs!

Our full news post has a full breakdown of what's coming, this forum post is just a preview of the information!

Check it out here:




Starting July 12, link your Warframe and Twitch Prime accounts and receive exclusive goodies on all platforms!

Amazon Prime day is July 16, but from July 12 to August 12 at 2 p.m. ET, you can redeem the Spektaka Liset Skin and Spektaka Color Palette to customize your Landing Craft and Arsenal!

You can claim your items with your Twitch Prime membership --just make sure your Warframe and Twitch Prime accounts are linked.

Also, don’t forget about the Trinity Prime Bundle! Match your new Liset Skin and Color Palette with a vital Support Warframe and matching Syandana!


On Friday, July 20th we'll be back on the Devstream couch to talk all things TENNOCON 2018!

It'll be at 2 p.m ET at mark it in the calendars!

See you then - the normal thread will go up next Wednesday with more information!