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Equinox Prime Access Winners:




Fan Art Recap:


Tenno Tunes Vol 4 Contest Winners:


  1. SkrillexRobots99 - Lost Boys

  2. TwoTonePoly - Ten Oclock

  3. ThoseRedLights - Warframe

  4. E4BL00DSH0T - Who Have You Become

  5. Khunvyel - The Tenno and the Egg

  6. TrueAxeon - Wheels of Fortuna

  7. AdraRed - Flaming Veil

  8. -Trixxy - Sweet Thing ft. Nora Night

  9. Mumbus - Energy Spike

  10. ScottWilco - Hek

  11. ZayTheRonin - Focus

  12. Gobui01 - Orbiter

  13. DJ_Erkenfresh - Wake Up, Find the Power Within Yourself

  14. PusiWraith - Echoes of Lua

  15. Jonny_hammerstix - Static Transference

  16. Knightmar3Frame - I Like My Warframes With a Side of Mayonnaise

  17. eK1ABoss - Nightmare

  18. KURORAK - Venusian 49ER

  19. I3ladeStrike - Vengeance for Deck 12

  20. JMNblk - Fortuna

  21. CaptainCreepy - Dreamers Awaken

  22. EUSTAAAAAAQUIO - The Dead Have Debts

  23. Gramzacx - Broken


  25. Vjcsavar - Wake Up

  26. M4CH1N3M4N - Nightwave

  27. Trips666 - Dreamers

  28. KitMellow - Bah-Bah-Beh-Beh ft. Vent Kids

  29. Jambarero - Wake Up

  30. Musingineer - Nora's Playground

Apologies for the Twitch Drop not working - we will fix and run again with 2x the Ducats!

See you next week!

We have a date announce!
The Studio is closed tomorrow for Easter, and next Friday we have schedule conflict, so see we'll you May 3rd for our next Devstream!!

Hail Tenno.

Your path has led here. Prove yourself.

Arbitrations have existed in Warframe for just over 6 months - these endgame mission variations put new twists on our tried-and-true mission formula, offering players a level of challenge they cannot find anywhere else in the game. Now that we have had time to observe how these missions fare in players’ hands, we have prepared some tweaks meant to address common complaints with the mode.

The most polarizing of these issues is Arbitrations’ lack of revives. Adding real consequences to death was somewhat of a new sensation in Warframe, and while we would like to retain some of that tension, the fact of the matter is that being dead is not fun. Permadeath also caused issues with host migration, since a dead host may be inclined to leave early, potentially throwing squadmates into disarray. Therefore, we will be implementing a new system where dead players can be revived - but your squadmates will have to earn it.

When these changes go live next week on PC (and consoles in the near future), the rules of Arbitration death will be a little different: players are still killed with no bleedout timer, but a revive tower will be placed at the player’s spot of death. If any squadmate is awaiting revive, the Arbitration drones will begin dropping unique pickups known as a “Resurgence Burden”. These pickups function similar to Index points (otherwise known as “Financial Stress”), debuffing the players who carry them.


In order to revive a player, 5 of these Resurgence Burdens must be taken to their tower simultaneously. These 5 pickups can be delivered by one or multiple squadmates, but cannot be “dropped off” at the tower - it’s all or nothing!

We hope that this system bridges the gap between players who crave hardcore consequences, and those who were put off by the prospect of permadeath. Since this shifts the mission balance in favor of players, we plan to compensate by making enemies scale at the rate they do in other mission (instead of the reduced rate of scaling that Arbitrations have now).

Finally, we wanted to give players who have already mastered Arbitrations a reason to come back. Therefore, we will be adding a new reward mentioned long ago - Archgun Rivens will be available for purchase using Vitus Essence! Expect a few new cosmetic rewards as well.

Thanks everyone for reading - we hope you look forward to revamped Arbitrations.

You are on the verge of a new truth. May this help your journey.


With the luck of the faux Lepus on their side (or technically heads), Rebecca and Megan are after their last remaining Equinox Prime parts!

(This is sure to be [DE]Steve’s favourite Prime Time yet!)

PLUS, hear the winners of Tenno Tunes Vol 4, and don’t miss the newest Warframe Community Fan Art and Ducat Twitch Drop!

See you here tonight, April 18th at 7pm ET. Check your time zones here.

Please ensure your correct Twitch account and Warframe account are linked to receive Twitch Drops:

*Don’t forget to get your Dojo in shape ... you never know when we could come knocking!

Nintendo Switch Tenno: By installing the Youtube app for free on your Nintendo Switch, you can conveniently watch the stream on the Warframe Youtube channel from your portable system!

Plains of Eidolon Remaster: Hotfix 24.7.2

Toroid Changes:
We are making some changes to Calda, Sola, and Vega Toroid Acquisition to simply act as an added chance / change of scenery for acquiring Toroids.

  • Calda Toroids have a 20% chance to drop from Scyto Raknoids.
  • Sola Toroids have a 20% chance to drop from Kyta Raknoids.
  • Vega Toroids have a 1% chance to drop from Mite Raknoids.


  • Reverted the Warframe Emissive Energy inheriting Secondary Energy. Further information can be found here:
  • Tusk Thumper Doma now drops Spring-Loaded Blade and Kinetic Diversion instead of Target Acquired and Stinging Thorn.
  • Changed the Conservationist Nightwave Challenge description to clarify ‘Perfect Animal Captures in Orb Vallis’ instead of ‘Perfect Animal Captures’.
  • The Ascension Altar and the Clan Vault are now displayed on the Clan Dojo minimap.
  • The Synth Reflex Mod now has a HUD buff icon.
  • Removed duplicate Spoiled Strike Mod entry from the Orokin Vault rewards table.
  • Removed duplicate Fast Deflection Mod from some Defense and quest node reward tables.
  • The Hildryn Collection now indicates that "Gravimag deployment requires gear obtained from the Profit Taker missions in Fortuna."
  • Reduced the "Join Squad" message size to avoid overlapping in UI.

Secondary Energy Colors Fixes:

  • Fixed Random Colors in the Arsenal giving you a Secondary Energy color.
  • Fixed Secondary Energy not being inherited by Exalted weapons (Excalibur’s Exalted Blade, etc).


  • Fixed the Zephyr Tengu Helmet having an outstanding inconsistent Oxium crafting cost in relation to other Warframe Helmets. This has been switched to now require 2 Neurodes instead of 2 Oxium.
  • Fixed the Korb Blueprint requiring 55 Fish Scales by swapping it to 50 Fish Oil.
  • Fixed the Cena Apparel Blueprint and Vahd Apparel Blueprint requiring 5 Cetus Wisps by swapping it to 5 Eidolon Gems.
  • Fixed Nekros’ Soul Punch not counting towards Challenges that count Revives.
  • Fixed Khora Strangledome ability timer no longer appearing on the UI when dying and respawning.
  • Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirror clones leaving behind Gaze (Kitgun) beams if the ability ends while firing.
  • Fixed Nyx’s Psychic Bolts ability sometimes going silent.
  • Fixed seeing a duplicate Magazine when interrupting Kitgun reloads.
  • Fixed pressing 'x' in Captura at the first camera settings screen causing settings to reset to default.
  • Fixed inability to Melee after casting Hildryn’s Balefire right when a Glaive weapon returns.
  • Fixed the Proboscis Mod having no further benefits when Ranking up past 3.
  • Fixed the Tecton Sparring Skin not applying properly to the Prisma Obex.
  • Fixed inability to interrupt your Bullet Jump in Lunaro.
  • Fixed Mirage’s Sleight of Hand ability confusing Pets equipped with Scavenge.
  • Fixed an Inbox message showing Eudico instead of Onkko.
  • Fixes towards visibility issues when in Limbo’s Rift.


It’s time to put some spring into your step, Tenno!

Visit the in-game Market to get the new Spring Step Ephemera to leave a trail of colorful Easter eggs that are sure to delight! Pick up this seasonal cosmetic for only 5,000 Credits. While you’re there, grab the fan-favorite Lepus Headgear for 5,000 Credits and the Easter Color Picker for just a single Credit!

All Event Items:

  • Spring Step Ephemera* - 5,000 Credits
  • Lepus Headgear* - 5,000 Credits
  • Easter Color Picker - 1 Credit

These items are only available until April 24 at 2 p.m. ET. Don’t let them hop away!

Easter Gift of the Lotus Alerts
As an added bonus this year, we’re running three extra Gift of the Lotus Alerts!


Zebra Paracyst Skin & 10K Credits (Lares, Mercury -- Infested Defense)


Rahk Fluctus Skin & 10K Credits (Oro, Earth -- Grineer Mobile Defense)


Scorn Lacera Skin & 10K Credits (V Prime, Venus -- Corpus Survival)

Log in and complete these Alerts by April 24, 2 p.m. ET. Good fortunes, Tenno!

*Note: These are limited-time cosmetics that will disappear from the Origin System the first week of May. Enjoy them while they last, Tenno!

Hi all - some feedback has come in about the Wolf of Saturn Six as a miniboss. The Wolf of Saturn Six is the one that does the hunting. So when you're hunting for him... he doesn't always appear.… We’re getting the Wolf out to howl more as we head into the later weeks of Nightwave Series I.

The Wolf's spawn rate will be increased across all four platforms to 4%, and for missions that are level 20+ it will be increased to 6%. One of the major exceptions is that he doesn't spawn in Open Worlds, so keep that in mind. Note that the end of Nightwave Series I does not mean the end of the Wolf of Saturn Six appearances - he'll still be around!

We also have much-requested clarity for everyone: The earliest date we will end Nightwave Series I is May 15th.

Cheers and happy hunting.. and remember... this isn't over yet and it is the Wolf who hunts you...!

EDIT: These changes are live as of posting! New spawn rates are already implemented across all four platforms

Hello Console Tenno!

Just a quick heads up that the next rotation of Buried Debts Thermia Fractures will last for 1 week as opposed to the usual 2 weeks.

This is to sync all platforms moving forward to have the same switch to flip for Thermia Fractures to go live. Less wires crossed the better!

Thermia Fractures will exist for the normal 2 weeks after this once has concluded.


Hey guys!

We got reports that the first mission of the recent Sortie turnover (Plains of Eidolon incursion) was not triggering any kind of objective marker when loaded in, meaning the mission could not be completed. This is a bug that will be fixed in the upcoming Plains of Eidolon Remaster update on PS4, XB1, and Switch.

But in the meantime, we have swapped it out for a Grineer Exterminate mission on Eurasia, Earth so that you can get your Sortie in for the day! If you are already logged in, please restart Warframe to receive the change.

Thank you, and good luck out there!


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  • Ash Warframe
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How do I claim my rewards?
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Make sure to have an active Nitro Subscription and have the Discord app running. You can find the Nitro Bundle on the featured section and can search for "Nitro" to see all other offers!

*Keep in mind, if you launch Warframe from Steam, the Nitro Perks do not currently appear in the Market. You can still claim the perks through the Discord App.

Is this available on all platforms?
The Discord Nitro Perks Program is currently only available on PC.

Can I claim rewards with Nitro Classic?
You cannot claim these perks with Nitro Classic.