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Call of the Tempestarii: Hotfix 30.0.5


  • Fixed a common crash caused by the last hotfix related to Fissures.

  • Fixed Sevagoth’s Gloom not working when Subsumed onto Lavos. It will use Duration instead of Drain.

  • Fixed Sevagoth’s Shadow form not disappearing if you enter your Arsenal. LOL.

  • Fixed holes in the Despot Syandana. As reported here:

  • Fixed an exploit in Assassinate Bounty missions in the Orb Vallis.

  • Fixed erroneous prompts in the Crew UI with a Controller.

  • Fixed the ‘Cancel’ button having no functionality in the HUD customization screen on a controller.

  • Fixed missing labels on weekly missions in the World State Panel.

After our recent infrastructure upgrades (, some players are affected by issues with finding sessions via matchmaking or inviting others to their session. This issue is occurring for Tenno on all platforms. This is specific to a particular server in our network, where players who connect to this server are not able to talk to players of other servers. The problem primarily (but not exclusively) affects players who are connecting to the North American West Coast.

We do not have a timetable for when the problem will be fixed, but we are aware of it and are actively working on a solution with our network partners.

We will update this thread with information as we receive it.


Tune in to Warframe community streams to enjoy hang outs and casual gameplay with the Community Team! In lieu of our traditional streams, members of the Community Team are broadcasting from their homes during our regularly scheduled times. Stop by and catch up with us and other Tenno.

This week’s live streams won’t include Drops as we’ve had to disable the backend code in order to resolve the login crashes affecting Xbox players. We’ll keep you posted on when things are back up and running for all. In the meantime, we hope you’ll enjoy the week’s special in-game Alerts!

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Nintendo Switch Tenno who want to watch from their portable console can do so by installing the YouTube app for free at the Nintendo eShop. Head to the Warframe YouTube channel when we're live to tune in!

Call of the Tempestarii: Hotfix 30.0.4


  • Void Sinks will no longer damage Railjack Crew or Companions (or Defense objectives, etc).


  • Fixed being permanently stuck in a Void Tunnel if you start a mission from a Dojo, but choose to go to a Relay.

  • Fixed missions not properly starting and the Railjack being in a dormant state if a Client does an incomplete load due to having a slower PC than the Host.

  • Fixed incorrect ordering in title strings in certain languages.

  • Fixed some reward tables including Vaulted Relics.

  • Fixed an exploit related to Void Traces.

  • Fixed [PH] strings in the World State Window for Razorback.

  • Fixed an overlap issue in the UI in the Dojo menus.

  • Fixed several script errors.

  • Fixed crashes that could occur in the Grineer Shipyards on Ceres.

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when you quit to Dojo during ‘Call of the Tempestarii’.

  • Fixed a crash when using Sevagoth.

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