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The masters of stealth and tactics are coming back!

Returning from the vault, Ash Prime and Vauban Prime are perfect additions to any Tenno Arsenal. Soon you'll be able to earn these Warframes and their Weapons or get instant access!

To make room for these two Prime treasures, Saryn Prime and Valkyr Prime will be re-entering the vault. More information on an official closing date will be coming soon! Learn more about Prime Vault here.


Vauban and Ash Dual Pack Features:

  • 1200 Platinum
  • Vauban Prime
  • Ash Prime
  • Fragor Prime
  • Akstiletto Prime
  • Carrier Prime Sentinel
  • Vectis Prime
  • Citadella Prime Syandana
  • Cateno Prime Sugatra
  • Yamako Prime Syandana
  • Unda Prime Sentinel Accessories
  • Prime Glyphs


Vauban Prime Pack Features:

  • 400 Platinum

  • Vauban Prime

  • Fragor Prime

  • Akstiletto Prime

  • Citadella Prime Syandana

  • Cateno Prime Sugatra

  • Prime Glyphs


Ash Prime Pack Features:

  • 400 Platinum

  • Ash Prime

  • Carrier Prime Sentinel

  • Vectis Prime

  • Yamako Prime Syandana

  • Unda Prime Sentinel Accessories

  • Prime Glyphs


Vauban Prime Accessory Pack Features:

  • 200 Platinum
  • Citadella Prime Syandana
  • Cateno Prime Sugatra


Ash Prime Accessory Pack Features:

  • 200 Platinum

  • Yamako Prime Syandana

  • Unda Prime Sentinel Accessories

The Prime Vault opens soon on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch!

Greeting, Lich Hunters!

After the release of the Kuva Lich System in Update 26: The Old Blood, you have been providing us a lot of feedback on what you do and don’t like about hunting your personal Lich. While we have made many improvements over the past week, we have more to come. We are adding the following very soon, based on your feedback:

  • WEAPON RNG REDUCTION - Your Kuva Lich will no longer have the same weapon twice in a row. While you may get a duplicated weapon down the road, your Kuva Lich will have a guaranteed different weapon than its immediate predecessor.
  • RECYCLE YOUR REQUIEM - 4 Defiled Requiem Mods can now be Transmuted into a random, fully charged, Requiem Mod. This gives them some additional use, as well as helping you clean up your inventory.
  • TRADE YOUR LICH - If you have a Converted Kuva Lich, you may trade them with another player, who may be looking for a specific Kuva Lich Weapon or Ephemera. This system will be coming soon, including the use of a brand new Dojo Room inspired by the early ‘War Room’ design from the King Pin System!
  • MORE TO COME - We are looking at other ways in which we can make the Kuva Lich system more rewarding and unique, although there is still a lot of internal discussion surrounding the ‘hows’ while maintaining the design intent. More on this as it is finalized.

Monitoring, tweaking and balancing this new process is an ongoing effort, and we rely on your feedback to let us know what you think. Please keep your feedback constructive and succinct, making sure you give suggestions to systems you do not like, while detailing why you do like a system, should that be your opinion.

The hunt continues!
UPDATED: 11.13.19 @ 5.23PM

3 hours ago, [DE]Bear said:

We wanted to add some clarity: a Kuva Lich can only be traded once. A player can convert a Kuva Lich which then can be traded to another player as an active Kuva Lich for the recipient. If that Kuva Lich is converted again, it will not be eligible for trading. Should the traded Kuva Lich also have an Ephemera, then both the original Tenno and the receiving Tenno will earn the Ephemera upon defeat or conversion.

As for the Ephemera’s themselves, we are going to be doubling the drop chance of Ephemera for all newly generated Kuva Liches.

We still have more changes to make and discussions are still ongoing.


Crisp autumn air signals the arrival of crisp new Dojos to be featured on the Star Chart! We’re looking for winning Clans who have put hard work into their Dojos and are ready to open their doors to all Tenno. Winners will also receive the exclusive contest Trophy and a stockpile of Resources!

There will be three winners per Clan tier per platform (20 first place winners in total).

  • PC: Ghost, Shadow, Storm, Mountain, Moon
  • PS4: Ghost, Shadow, Storm, Mountain, Moon
  • XB1: Ghost, Shadow, Storm, Mountain, Moon
  • Switch: Ghost, Shadow, Storm, Mountain, Moon

How to enter:

Decorate your Clan Dojo by yourself or with members of your Clan. Take us on a tour by sharing image(s) and/or a 3 minute video of your Dojo here! Feel free to dive into interior design detail and tell us what went into creating your rooms of art!

We recommend submitting images in a spoiler tab to keep everything organized. Click the icon shown below to make a spoiler box appear in your post:



To include a video tour, upload to a video-sharing site like YouTube and share the link to your video here! Click here for a guide to uploading to YouTube.

You must include the following information with your submission:

  • Clan name
  • Clan tier
  • Clan platform
  • Your Clan role (Must be the Founding Warlord or have Architect permissions)
  • Feature image of a section of your Dojo that you want to highlight (in addition to any other images or video you choose to include)

Please keep in mind that the winning Dojos will be accessible from the Star Chart. That means that, if you win, all players will be able to access your Clan Dojo at any time!



Winning Clans receive the bronze, silver, or gold contest Trophy and massive stockpiles of Resources!

The number of Resources awarded to each 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner is determined by Clan size. See the full list of prizes below:


Featured Dojo Prizes.png

Need an example?


Clan name: Blackmore
Clan tier: Shadow
Clan platform: PC
Clan role: Founding Warlord
Feature image:


Video tour:


  • One submission per Clan
  • Must list your Clan’s name, tier, and platform with your entry
  • Must be the Founding Warlord or have Architect permissions for the Clan whose Dojo you submit
  • Video tours must not exceed 3 minutes
  • Dojo theme and presentation must be appropriate for the community forums
  • Must submit to the official English contest thread
  • Do not reserve spots in the official contest thread
  • Submissions that do not follow these rules will be disqualified

Summer 2019 Featured Dojo contest winners are not eligible for the Autumn 2019 Featured Dojo contest. They are welcome to enter again in a future round! Please keep in mind that Clans that have never been Featured are given priority.

Best Practices for Winners:

Given the number of players who will visit Featured Dojos, we have a different standard for content in Featured Dojos than we do for Dojos that aren't open to everyone. We may ask winners to make small changes to their Dojos for the time they are featured based on the following:

  • Nothing vulgar or offensive can be included in Dojos while they are featured on the Star Chart
  • You cannot change your Clan tier until after your Clan Dojo has been featured on the Star Chart
  • Winning Clans who do not follow these guidelines will have their Dojos removed from the Star Chart

Featured Spots for winners are reserved for November 2019 - February 2020

Selecting Winners:

After the contest closes, a group of Warframe Community Team members will take one week to review all submissions. Once the top submissions have been chosen, Community Team members will closely review and compare those submissions a second time to select the winners.

We look for creativity and quality. Large structures are impressive, but keep in mind that small details set winning submissions apart from top submissions. Focus on creating an immersive atmosphere with details we can’t ignore. Make your Dojo a testament to your unique Clan!

Winners will be announced on November 28 during our Prime Time live stream at &

This contest starts now until November 21 @ 1:00PM ET!

All players from PC, XB1, PS4, and Nintendo Switch can participate!

Thanks for tuning in!

Platinum Winners




Atlas Prime Access Winners:




Fan Art Recap:


See you next week!

The Old Blood: Hotfix 26.0.6

We’re back again with our 7th Hotfix since The Old Blood’s initial release 7 days ago! We have a major improvement in the pipeline to release very soon: Kuva Lich Trading! There are also two issues we are looking to solve in a calculated and better thought-out way to avoid the scenario we created yesterday with fixing a bug. The first issue is making the co-operative aspect of Lich hunting rewarding, and the second is treating the condition of downing your Lich (despite not having the right Requiems) have a different flow in a mission. Thank you for your patience!

We do have one feature that speaks to Duplicate weapon feedback available in this Hotfix: VALENCE TRANSFER!

New Kuva Weapon Combining: VALENCE TRANSFER
Replace a Kuva weapon’s innate damage bonus with one from another Kuva weapon of the same kind. This process destroys the donor weapon and overrides the previous Kuva weapons damage bonus.

For example: everything you've done on Kuva Seer A will stay (Forma, Potato, Lens, Mod Configs, Appearance Configs, etc) when Kuva Seer B is consumed. The buff from Kuva Seer B will be passed onto Kuva Seer A, and Kuva Seer B will cease to exist in your Inventory.

How to:

  1. Head to your Arsenal
  2. Navigate to the Upgrade screen of the desired Kuva weapon
  3. Select ACTIONS and then the new VALENCE TRANSFER option
  4. Select the Kuva weapon you would like to consume
  5. Type TRANSFER into the prompt to confirm the consumption - this also displays what buff you are replacing
  6. Grofit!

NOTE AS OF 5:49 EST: We are aware of an issue surrounding some Valence Transfers not working. We are looking into it right now.

General Kuva Lich Phase 2 Changes & Fixes:

  • Improved the Kuva Lich “push beam” ability to not take as long to ramp up and not take as long to ramp down.
  • Fixed Kuva weapon Blueprints staying in the End Of Mission screen indefinitely after Vanquishing a Kuva Lich, regardless of missions run afterwards.
  • Fixed Recovering all your Taxed items, including the Kuva weapon Blueprint, if you Vanquish your Kuva Lich and then abort the mission.
  • Fixed the Kuva Lich spawning inside Defense consoles, thus rendering them invincible.
  • Fixed a case where Kuva Lich’s could break out of their downed state for Clients (and very, VERY rarely on Host) preventing the Mercy success/fail animations from playing.
  • Fixed Clients being left wielding their Parazon after Vanquishing their Kuva Lich.
  • Fixes towards Clients not playing the Mercy animation if a Host has already executed a Mercy.
  • Fixed the Kuva Ogris not creating a fireball or any fire FX on impact if the Nightwatch Napalm Mod is equipped.
  • Fixed text on the Vanquish/Convert Kuva Lich screen being cut-off in localized languages.
  • Fixed a script error when performing a Mercy on a Thrall.
  • Fixed a script error leading to frozen UI (and other things) if a player is killed during the Lich-stabbing sequence.

Melee Phase 2 Changes & Fixes:
Continued fixes and changes to Melee Phase 2 with more to come:

  • Updated numerous Channeling Mods to read MELEE instead of CHANNELING.
  • Removed the tactical dodge multiplier when doing Parry+Dodge in Air. This resulted in a slow mid-air that was not useful for momentum.
  • Fixed Exodia Valor increasing combo points on every Melee hit instead of just lifted enemies.
  • Fixed Focused Defense not applying correctly.
  • Fixed True Punishment not applying correctly.
  • Fixed Enduring Strike not detecting Lifted enemies.
  • Fixed Reflex Guard not applying correctly.
  • Fixed broken references to Heavy Slams on several weapons.


  • Fixed inability to charge Operator Void Blast for Madurai Rising Blast.
    • Due to Melee Phase 2 removing ‘hold to charge’ attacks, you’ll now always have a fully charged up Void Blast before attacking with Rising Blast. We’re investigating some other options to bring back its original functionality, where you can release the charge early, with the new Phase 2 mechanics.
  • Fixed Out of Sight Blind mechanic not functioning if the Mercy kill animation doesn’t play due to the target being awkwardly placed (close to a wall, etc). Out of Sight will now trigger if the Mercy animation doesn't play due to those restrictions.
  • Fixed Blood for Ammo Parazon Mod not working if you don't have both a primary and secondary weapon equipped.
  • Fixed not being able to hit certain enemies with projectile weapons or if your shot started too close to them (most commonly seen in the Teralysts fights).
  • Fixed the Vasca Curative not working on your infected Smeeta Kavat. As reported here:
  • Fixed Corpus Nullifier bubbles regrowing when inside Grendel’s gut.
  • Fixed Ash’s Bladestorm mark FX not appearing on Ash if used while invisible.
  • Fixed a large amount of spot-loading when changing Loadouts in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed Mecha Mod set bonus being applied to the Helminth Charger.
  • Fixed custom colors not applying to Titania’s Empress Skin when in Razorwing.
  • Fixed Titania’s Dendrite Gunblade Skin not displaying properly in its diorama.
  • Fixed an FX memory leak with Ember’s Fireball.
  • Fixed an FX memory leak with the Spore Ephemera.

The Old Blood: Hotfix


  • Fixed Valence Transfer not applying to the Kuva Shildeg and Kuva Ayanga.

Greetings Tenno!

We hope you’re having fun Vanquishing Kuva Liches left and right on PC (update coming to consoles in the near future, stay tuned for updates!)

As this new system was mostly aimed at experienced players with a wide arsenal, the Kuva weapons earned from Liches are top-of-the-line statwise. However, most were based on older weapons that didn’t see as much use by players at higher Mastery Ranks. As a result, players who equip a Riven on one of these Kuva weapons may notice a slight discrepancy.... Rivens have lowered stats on Kuva weapons, because they have a different disposition.


This is a change we have wanted to make regarding Rivens for awhile, and Kuva Lich weapons presented the perfect opportunity to make it a reality. This change was meant to appear in The Old Blood: Update 26.0 patch notes, but was unfortunately missed during the Mainline madness - and for that we’re sorry! It’s a complicated change to convey in-game, so thank you for being understanding while we update UI across the game to reflect the changes.

Going forward, weapon dispositions will be tuned per weapon, instead of per weapon family. For instance, this means a Kohm Riven will have a disposition of 1.4 on a regular Kohm, but only a disposition of 1 when applied to a Kuva Kohm.

This has exciting implications for the future of Riven disposition changes! In the past, new Prime weapons would cause the usage of a weapon family to increase dramatically, forcing us to reduce dispositions for the entire family. With individual dispositions, we’ll be able to set new dispositions for Primes and other upgraded weapons right at launch, leaving your current Riven build unaffected.

We have always balanced dispositions based on the most powerful variation of the weapon in its respective family - now that this is no longer necessary, expect to see us increasing the power level on many lesser variations of weapons in our next set of disposition changes, scheduled for December. These increases will not be huge, as we don’t intend to make any base variants explicitly better than their upgraded counterparts, but it will offer a more appropriate boost that isn’t influenced by a more powerful weapon that you may not own yet.

Speaking of our next set of disposition changes, The Old Blood also introduced Melee Phase 2. Now that the weapon power balance has been redistributed, Melee Rivens will soon be affected as part of Prime Access rebalance schedule….. but not quite yet. To give players time to experiment, and to give ourselves a more reliable set of usage stats, we will start Melee Riven changes in the following revisit, scheduled for early next year.

Thanks for reading!


Rebecca and Megan have a Lich they’re eager to VANQUISH — er scratch. Show no Mercy! Or...I guess show all the Mercy. Mercy them all!!!

Don’t miss the newest Warframe Community Fan Art, and catch the Twitch Drop / Mixer Reward of 200 Ducats!

See you here tonight, November 7th at 7pm ET. Check your time zones here.

Please ensure your correct Twitch/Mixer account and Warframe account are linked to receive Twitch Drops/Mixer Rewards:

Nintendo Switch Tenno: By installing the Youtube app for free on your Nintendo Switch, you can conveniently watch the stream on the Warframe Youtube channel from your portable system!

The Old Blood: Hotfix 26.0.5

We have added an option to enable a faster method for Warframe to send frames to Windows which should improve framerate for Borderless Fullscreen and Windowed display modes.

On a laptop with a GTX 1650 running at 720p, a view from the Vallis elevator rose the framerate from 199 to 215 FPS with this option; the gains might be even more significant when playing at high-resolution.

Look for this option under the Display settings panel (Note: it does require restarting the game after changing).

Unfortunately, this option is only available on Windows 10 and may require Windows updates to enable (the Windows 10 Fall Creator’s Update in 2017 optimized out a frame of latency with this method).

Note that Native-Fullscreen and console platforms do not need this optimization because there’s no desktop window to composite the frame onto in those cases.

As a bonus this option should also improve our Dynamic Resolution optimizations when Vertical Sync is enabled because it allows us to get accurate GPU timings again; for more information on this see need testing and feedback, especially from Streamers and Content Creators, to ensure this option works with their software (since they intercept the frame we send to Windows and this option changes that process). Ideally after some broader testing we can enable it by default and everyone can benefit.

Kuva Lich Phase 2 Changes & Fixes:

  • Larvling Lich creation is now a true opt-in mechanic. Some people want to see the world drown in Kuva and others just want to live a Lich free life! For those that don’t want to be hounded by a Kuva Lich, we’ve changed the way Larvlings are killed in order to attain a Kuva Lich. Larvlings will have the same pre-death setup as Thralls, except the Mercy action is only available to the player who damaged them last. At that point you either walk up and press X to initiate the Mercy (required for Kuva Lich creation), or just walk away and leave them to eventually die on their own after 15 seconds, thus opting out of Kuva Lich creation.
  • Changed the Murmur progress UI to display multiple rings to indicate which Hint you are currently working towards:
    • Progress ring for Hint 1, progress and middle ring for Hint 2, progress and both inner rings for Hint 3
    • 43820439e57be01256c9146c1e3f7c2d.png
  • Naramon’s Disarming Blast will no longer affect the Kuva Lich. This resulted in the Kuva Lich being literally stripped of its body (how scandalous) and forcing them to use a Sheev, thus breaking them completely.
  • Requiem Relics obtained from a Thrall Mercy will display as a banner in the UI, similar to Argon, Toroids, etc for maximum exposure!
  • Fixed ALL players receiving Kuva Lich Requiem Murmur progress whenever someone in the squad fails to kill their Kuva Lich instead (is only meant to apply to the player that did the failing). While all Thralls share Requiem Murmurs, the Lich entity itself is exclusive to a player. This also fixes receiving Requiem Murmur progress when successfully killing a Kuva Lich - only failure/testing of your Requiem on a Kuva Lich will grant Murmur progress.
  • Fixed ability to spawn more than the maximum amount of Thralls per mission if you leave them waiting for Mercy. Literally.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred if you perform a Mercy and then some time later a Kuva Lich performs a finisher/throw on you.
  • Fixed ability to equip Taxed Mods that were displayed as new to your Inventory on your Parazon. After this Hotfix you’ll see them vanish as they’ve been properly Taxed by your Lich from which you must get them back!
  • Fixed certain cases where players would see an incorrect LOHK Requiem Mod in their known Requiems (sometimes appearing as a duplicate). It should be replaced by a correct Requiem Mod now.
  • Fixed Thralls being immune to Status procs.
  • Fixed Arcanes attempting to display as Mods when recovered from a Kuva Lich.
  • Further fixes towards Turrets and Security Cameras spawning as Thralls.
  • Fixed missing Kuva Larvling death sounds.
  • Fixed a script error on the End of Mission screen when an Ayatan Sculpture gets Taxed from a Kuva Lich.
  • Fixed a loss of functionality when returning from a mission after Vanquishing or Converting a Kuva Lich.
  • Fixed a script error when logging out during a Kuva Lich transmission.

Melee Phase 2 Changes & Fixes:
Continued fixes and changes to Melee Phase 2 with more to come:

  • Fixed ground slamming without anyone around as Client counting as a melee strike, which refreshes the Melee Combo Counter.
  • Fixed Client Initial Combo modifier not working correctly.
  • Fixed players unable to see Melee slam animation pose for other players.
  • Fixed Gladiator Mod Set Bonus not applying correctly.
  • Fixed Weeping Wounds Mod not applying its bonus correctly.

Grendel Changes & Fixes:

  • Grendel can now cast Nourish while Pulverize is active - to which we’ve added a new sound!
  • Grendel Feast expel deals increased damage based on the number and level of enemies. Also deals the same damage as a radial AoE.
  • Grendel Regurgitate damage radius increased from 3/3/3/3 to 3/4/5/5 and increased damage scaling.
  • Grendel Pulverize no longer ends when he runs out of consumed targets, instead it starts draining Energy like Ember’s Immolation.
  • Grendel also gets extra acceleration for Pulverize if he uses Nourish during it.
  • Added sound to when Grendel stumbles due to running out of Energy.
  • Fixed Grendel having fast legs after using Pulverize.


  • Changed Swift Momentum and Empowered Blades Mods description from Charged Attacks/Charged Attack Speed to Heavy Attacks/Heavy Attack Windup Speed.
  • Tweaked Melee sounds for Scythe, Nunchaku, and Hammer weapons.
  • Further tweaks for Titania’s Empress Razorwing Skin to address cloth issues.
  • If a Mod is rewarded during an Endless Mission, the ‘Battle or Extract’ screen will now display how many of that Mod you currently own.
  • Improved the Clan Emblem Removal Inbox message to provide more clarity.
  • Removed overzealous blockers preventing players from going fast. As reported here:


  • Fixed some players not being able to purchase the Vasca Kavat Starter Kit.
  • Fixed a few places where players would get stuck where they would previously be able to move freely (i.e. launching Archwing in Plains or the Mastery Rank 25 test).
  • Fixed some NPCs crouch-walking preventing their pathing from being completed in some cases.
  • Fixed Mods given during an Endless Void Fissure mission covering up the timer on the UI.
  • Fixed the Mining success UI appearing to have a blocky FX.
  • Fixed Emblems appearing incorrectly when equipped on a Sentinel Skin.
  • Fixed Submersible water clipping through levels where there’s no swimming allowed.
  • Fixed a crash when placing a waypoint on certain objects.

Murmur Discussion (Posted 11/7/19):


Hey Lich Hunters,

It is obvious by the impassioned responses here that the last hotfix and Murmur changes left a bad taste in some people’s mouths. The initial granting of Murmur progression was unintentional, but in those 24 hours, it seems that many of you have enjoyed the incentive to play together for shared benefits on Kuva Lich hunting.

As a result, we are discussing internally about incentives and ways to mitigate some of the pain points many of you have. As always, new systems take some time to settle in and we will be doing several balance passes. Your enemy is a personal one, but Warframe is ultimately a co-op experience and we want to make sure that is encouraged and rewarded fairly.

The Old Blood: Hotfix 26.0.4

It’s been 5 days since the launch of Old Blood and we’ve got our hands full with some great player feedback so far! As of yesterday afternoon 15,000+ Kuva Lich’s have been Converted and 85,000+ have been Vanquished; you’ve been putting in that work! To keep everyone in the loop, we’re working on some bigger picture mechanics for the Kuva Lich system coming soon:

  • Stockpiled Kuva Weapons: Receiving a better duplicate Kuva weapon after you’ve put work/Forma into an existing one can feel rather disappointing. With that in mind, we’re working on a “duplicate consumption” mechanic where you can combine 2 of the same Kuva weapons, thus transferring its buffs while preserving your Forma, Exilus, Potato, and Lens investment, ergo relieving you of your inner turmoil.
    • An example for further clarification: everything you've done on Kuva Seer A will stay (Forma, Potato, Lens, Mod Configs, Appearance Configs, etc) when Kuva Seer B is consumed. The buff from Kuva Seer B will be passed onto Kuva Seer A, and Kuva Seer B will cease to exist in your Inventory.
  • Larvling Lich creation will be truly opt-in. Some people want to see the world drown in Kuva and others just want to live a Lich free life! For those that don’t want to be hounded by a Kuva Lich, we’re changing the way Larvlings are killed in order to attain a Kuva Lich. Larvlings will have the same pre death setup as Thralls, except the Mercy action is only available to the player who damaged them last. At that point you either walk up and press X to initiate the Mercy (required for Kuva Lich creation), or just walk away and leave them to eventually die on their own after 15 seconds, thus opting out of Kuva Lich creation.

Stay tuned!

Melee Phase 2 Changes & Fixes:
We have some cherry-picked fixes for Melee today while we review the larger feedback picture.

  • Fixed having to toggle Sprint every time you Melee. As reported here:
  • Fixed Sigma & Octantis and Cobra & Crane not consuming the Melee Combo Counter on Heavy Attack.
  • Fixed the Parry Mod counter functionality not working properly. Also removed the ‘Channeling’ requirement.

Kuva Lich Phase 2 Changes & Fixes:
With 5 days of feedback under our belts, we have a substantial number of changes to the Kuva Lich system rolling out today. There will be more to come this week that are a bit more developer intensive.

  • Mercying a Thrall now has a 5% chance to drop a Requiem Relic, adding another reward vector in the steps that are required to Vanquish/Convert a Kuva Lich. Requiem Relics play a very key part in the Kuva Lich system, and our goal with this change is to conjoin the Thrall hunt on (what is currently) normal mission modes with your eventual Requiem Relic hunt.
  • Increased the drop chance of each Requiem Relic in Kuva Siphon missions from 30% to 50%.
  • Tweaked the Requiem Murmur discovery requirements for each hint to reduce initial ramp-up:
    • Instead of each Murmur requiring the same amount of Hints, the first Murmur requires 60%, second requires 100%, with the last Murmur requiring 140%.
  • Excess Murmur progress now carries over to the next Murmur to allow for faster Murmur discovery.
  • Known Requiems that you discover from using your Parazon on your Kuva Lich are now immediately visible on the UI as a permanent known Requiem.
  • Requiem Mods and Relics can no longer be Taxed by your Lich.
  • Ingame Murmur popups now show progress, in the form of a progress bar, from your previous Murmur discovery. This progress bar will not be displayed if you’ve solved all the Murmur hints.
  • Testing a Requiem on a Lich now advances Murmur progress by roughly 10x more than a Thrall on average.
  • A transmission will now play when a Kuva Larvling fails to spawn.
  • Tweaked Murmur display in Lich screen to be clearer.
  • Added vocals for Kuva Larvlings as they wait on the ground for that sweet Parazon.
  • Added a number next to Lich attempt history so you can tell the order.
  • Updated Lich name text to make certain letters more distinguishable.
  • Lich’s rank will now update immediately from a failed attempt, so you can see the new rank right away during a mission.
  • Alerts and Kuva missions now include a ‘Reward Already Received’ entry if you replay one you’ve already completed.
  • Removed unintended sounds from Kuva Ephemeras.
  • Kuva Tonkor reload speed decreased from 1.7 to 1.5 seconds.
  • Fixed End of Mission screen not showing all recovered Kuva Lich items (Ephemera, Kuva Weapon Blueprint, etc). Each case we looked into “The Lich didn’t return my (X)” showed that items were returned in all cases, just the UI was bugged.
  • Fixed Nekros' Shadows of the Dead being able to spawn as Kuva Thralls.
  • Fixed Liches in Codex using current Lich’s name in subtitles, and other inconsistencies.
  • Fixed Kuva Larvling spawning in mission where everyone in the squad already has a Lich.
  • Fixed Kuva Larvling transmission appearing before the Larvling has spawned.
  • Fixed incorrect transmission playing at Kuva Larvling spawn.
  • Fixed Excavation Power Cell Carriers and Capture Targets spawning as Thralls, rendering the mission uncompletable.
  • Fixed Sensor Regulars in Grineer Spy missions and deployed Latchers being able to spawn as Kuva Thralls.
  • Fixed Lich weapons showing unicode immediately after being claimed.
  • Fixed Thrall music potentially playing at the same time as Kuva Lich music.
  • Fixed missing Lich portrait and transmission in several situations.
  • Fixed Kuva lich being affected by Out of Sight Mod.
  • Fixed vanquished Liches coming to assist.
  • Fixed being able to spawn more Thralls than intended per mission.
  • Fixed Requiem mods showing [PH] text when Trading.
  • Fixed an issue where Liches would stop playing their finisher animation immediately after starting it.


  • Fixed a crash when selecting a loadout if your loadout name contains HTML characters such as "<" in the name.
  • Fixed a loss of functionality when petting a mature Kubrow.
  • Fixed a Client crash related to performing a finisher on a Kuva Thrall/Lich.
  • Fixed loss of functionality if an enemy attempts to activate an alarm on a previously hacked panel.
  • Fixed a crash related to ragdolls.
  • Fixed cases of a game hang on the End of Mission screen if you were retrieving your stolen items from your Kuva Lich, causing you to relog to escape the screen.
  • Fixed massive hitch when the Lich shows up to assist.
  • Fixed script error when the game checked if an ally Lich should spawn.
  • Fixed script error if the Kuva Lich takes an invalid item.
  • Fixed script error that could occur at End of Mission due to the Lich Tax.
  • Fixed script error that could occur when exiting hacking.
  • Fixed script error that could occur when initiating a hack in high-level missions.
  • Fixed script error in squad UI when loading into a mission.
  • Fixed script error when using mouse wheel to scroll through loadout.

Parazon Mod Changes & Fixes:

  • Untraceable will now refresh it’s 18 second invisibility buff if it activates while already active (ie hacking another terminal within the 18 second window).
  • Increased the Runtime Sprint Speed buff from 50% to 75%, and the Duration from 10 seconds to 15 seconds.
  • Increased the Hit and Run duration from a 12 second to a 15 second Parkour speed boost on Mercy.
  • Live Wire now only Shocks enemies who are aware/alerted within 24 meters, thus not ruining your stealth gameplay.
  • Fixed Untraceable invisibility buff triggering when you fail and abort a Corpus hack panel.

Vauban Changes:

  • Hot off the feedback train with more to come as we dive deeper:
  • Increased the casting speed of Vauban’s Tesla Nervos’ and Orbital Strike.


  • Removed the [PH] Orbiter Scene from the Captura Scene screen. It will return at a more appropriate date 😉
  • Nyx’s Psychic Bolts infested movement speed debuff is now affected by Power Strength.
  • Grendel’s missions now start with a HUD call out for ‘No Mods Mode’.
  • Removed some scratches and grime on the Kuva Lich Armor metallics to allow a more consistent material for Accessories.


  • Fixed the Operator not being able to Void Blast in mid-air.
  • Fixed ability to equip certain Fur Patterns on Vasca Kavat hybrids (Infected Kavat bred with a normal Kavat) that result in broken textures. This follows suit with the pure Vasca Kavat.
  • Fixes towards cases where Grendel would swallow his allies. Sometimes you just get real hungry ya know...
  • Fixed another case of NPCs aiming at targets they can't see.
  • Fixed Titania Empress Skin not using the correct wing mesh during Razorwing and missing the flapping animation.
  • Fixed NPCs getting stuck and not animating on emplacements (Turrets, etc).
  • Fixed Exilus UI prompt showing ‘weapon’ text when installing on a Warframe.
  • Fixed excessive Syandana clipping on Grendel.
  • Fixed Exilus Weapon Adapter not being Chat linkable.
  • Fixed not being able to move Vasca Floof after placing in your Orbiter.
  • Fixed Legendary Core inbox message not being sent to accounts that are MR3.
  • Fixed Oxium Osprey lens flares showing when swallowed by Grendel.
  • Fixed Magnetic proc sounds being audible mission-wide.

The Old Blood: Hotfix


  • Fixed Thralls dropping Requiem Mods instead of the intended Requiem Relics on Mercy (added to Thrall droptable in Hotfix 26.0.4). We’ve also removed the 500 Kuva from the Thrall droptable. With less rewards to pick from means a better shot at that Requiem Relic!
    • Players who received Requiem Mods or Kuva while the Thrall drop was incorrect will get to keep them. Santa came early!
  • Fixed Thrall drops being Taxed by the Kuva Lich.
  • Fixed the Vasca Kavat Starter Kit not displaying how many Vasca Imprints you already own.
  • Fixed UI overlapping when opening a Chat link while in the Relic Refinement screen.
  • Fixed Warframe’s appearing backwards when viewing a Moustache diorama in the Market.
  • Fixed a loss of functionality in the End Of Mission screen due to invalid items trying to be Taxed by the Kuva Lich.


Like a jack-o-lantern outside your door after Hallowe’en, the Dullahan Mask is ready to say goodbye. A script will be run later today to remove the Dullahan Mask from all platforms.

But have no fear! The Dullahan Mask will return for next year’s spooky season before you even carve your first pumpkin. Until then!