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Tune into on Thursday, April 25th for Prime Time #390! As always, the action begins at 6 p.m. ET and you can earn this week’s drop by watching for 45 minutes.

Our Spanish-speaking Tenno can also watch Emisión Tenno on April 24th at 3 p.m. ET over at!

This week, we’re offering a Parvos Granum-themed Campaign for watching our official community streams. With Protea Prime releasing next week, Parvos wants his time in the spotlight with this week's drop campaign!


Twitch Drop Details:

  • Drop 1: 20 Corrupted Holokeys
  • Drop 2: Golden Hand Decoration
  • Drop 3: 5 x Zenith Granum Crowns

Claim Time: 45 Minutes (Drop 1), 90 Minutes (Drop 2), and 120 Minutes (Drop 3)

**This Twitch Drop campaign offers 3 rewards and we recommend watching both official Warframe streams to earn all 3 (1 Claim from WarframeInternational, 2 Claims from Prime Time).

After Prime Time we’ll be raiding Asura_Tenshi to continue the fun and share with their community.


This Friday also features Devstream 179. Check out the official forum post for more details:


Weekend Community Drops!

Every Weekend, we run a short Twitch Drop campaign on two Creator channels to offer a fun way to cap off the week and shine a spotlight on the Creators themselves! The Drops will run for one hour on each channel, with a 30 minute claim time for an Orbiter Decoration that the Creator has picked themselves!


Vamp6x6x6x (English)
Saturday, April 27th from 5pm to 6pm ET
Channel: Vamp6x6x6x
Drop: Sly Vulpaphyla Floof

ElnoraEleo (French)
Sunday, April 28th from 9 am to 10 am ET
Drop: Zariman Palm Plant

Each week’s schedule will be posted in our weekly Drops thread, so keep an eye out to see what campaign is coming next. :)


This Hotfix contains several crash fixes that were exposed by server upgrades performed live over the last week. The upgrades should now be stable, and the matchmaking, presence, town, relay, and Dojo servers are all running more efficiently, but we’ll continue to monitor!

Deep Archimedea Changes

Changes to address feedback on Deep Archimedea Mirror Defense missions:
The following changes were made based on feedback received from players about the difficulty of Mirror Defense missions in Deep Archimedea, but they apply across Warframe.

  • Made the following changes to The Hollow Vein:
    • Greatly reduced how often it hits Defense targets with its ranged laser attack.
      • Before: Due to Defense targets being much larger than players, they were applying several hit ticks in a row onto these targets resulting in massive damage.
      • Now: it will only hit Defense targets once with its laser attack.
    • Changed its AoE attack targeting logic to improve the frequency of when it is used.
      • Before: Once the attack started and it was near something like a Defense target, it would trigger and linger indefinitely.
      • Now: The attack will only trigger when players are nearby and will be canceled when players are no longer within its radius.
    • Fixed a possible issue where Hollow Vein could theoretically make allies, Defense targets, and players hit by its laser attack permanently vulnerable to friendly fire.
  • Changed the amount that Citrine’s Remnants (Tyana Pass) and Vosphene Glyphs (Munio) heal their respective Mirror Defense target.
    • Before: Collecting the required amount of the aforementioned pickups would restore 5,000 Health.
    • Now: Collecting enough pickups will restore 3,500 Health plus 15% of the Defense target’s Max Health, ensuring the pickups scale better as levels increase while still maintaining a level of difficulty.
  • The Auricle and Vitreum Defense targets now have a 75% Damage Reduction against Rogue Voidrig and Bonewidow weapons and abilities.

General Deep Archimedea Changes & Fixes:

  • Unowned items will now be indicated as such in the Deep Archimedea Loadout Individual Parameter UI - they will now be marked with a “!” icon and will have the “NOT OWNED” tag in the tooltip.
    • The tag will only appear if you do not own the specific item shown or any of its variants.
  • In an effort to better communicate to players that they have enabled Elite Archimedea, we have made it more obvious in the Deep Archimedea screen by adding the Elite Archimedea logo and an “Elite Archimedea Active” indicator above the “Begin Research” button after unlocking with Search Pulses.
  • Added a pulse VFX to the “Unlock” and “Begin Research” (specifically when Elite Archimedea is enabled) buttons.

  • Vampyric Liminus’ Health/Energy drain can now affect spawned allies (Specters, Abilities that spawn NPC units, etc.) and vehicles (Necramechs and Merulina).
  • Fixed the Host’s “Gear Embargo” Personal Modifier applying to the whole squad even if you did not select to play with the Modifier.
  • Fixed Vampyric Liminus’ being eligible to be marked by the Alchemical Invulnerability Mission Deviation. They are invulnerable and cannot be affected by the Amphora. This was caused by a bug that allowed Vampyric Liminus’ to take hits after a stun/stagger Status Effect.
  • Fixed broken icon appearing for the Hek in the Individual Parameters Loadout UI.
  • Fixed a script error caused by Vampiric Liminus and Host migration.
  • Fixed Necraloid’s sassy remarks about you closing out the Deep Archimedea screen playing before you’ve even unlocked the week with Search Pulses. Now, he’ll only share his true feelings once you’ve committed and then backed out of said commitment.

Line of Sight (LoS) Changes & Fixes

As mentioned in our last Hotfix 35.5.6, the team continues to address and assess player reports of further LoS issues. While the quality and consistency of LoS checks has improved significantly, we're still not 100% satisfied and sometimes the results are still unpredictable. The team is investigating LoS checks at large occasionally having odd interactions with terrain, enemies, etc. which is causing inconsistencies in the checks. We are looking to have this resolved in the next Cert update (more info on what that means here).

For today, we have made LoS improvements to the following Warframe abilities:

  • Hildryn’s Aegis Storm (Raycast Check)
    • In Hotfix 35.5.6, we made it so that Aegis Storm performs LoS checks from the floor where Hildryn is hovering, but that could be limiting based on her positioning. So, we’ve changed it so that the checks occur from Hildryn to enemies that are in LoS and within the ability’s range.
  • Caliban’s Sentient Wrath (Rendered Check)
    • In addition to rendered checking, we’ve also made improvements to address issues where LoS checks would fail on clearly visible enemies that are behind terrain.
  • Garuda’s Blood Altar
    • The LoS checks for Blood Altar remains the same (similar to raycast it does a sweep to identify if there are obstructions along the path to the target), but we’ve added the ability for Blood Altar to perform an additional jump to help clear small obstructions since LoS checks could fail on targets that were clearly visible but partially behind terrain.
  • Hydroid’s Plunder (Rendered Check)
    • In addition to rendered checking, it is also no longer FOV dependent to prevent issues where low FOV settings would cause Hydroid’s body to obstruct LoS.
  • Ember’s Inferno (Rendered Check)
    • In addition to rendered checking, it is also no longer FOV dependent, which was causing issues where enemies outside of FOV (low FOV settings) were not considered in the checks.
  • Fixed Mag’s Pull ability pulling enemies from all directions instead of in a cone directly in front of her as intended.
    • This was accidentally introduced with Hotfix 35.5.6 as part of our efforts to improve LoS check consistency with Pull. The established behavior for many years has been that Pull only works in the direction you are looking, so we’ve returned it to that intended state but with the new and improved LoS check logic.
  • Fixed the following Warframe abilities not ignoring terrain for enemies that are up to 5 meters from the ability starting point:
    • Dante’s Dark Verse
    • Garuda’s Seeking Talons
    • Mag’s Magnetize explosion (specifically on HOLD cast)


  • Made audio mix adjustments for the Amphor pickup, aim and throw sounds in Alchemy missions. This should help these sounds be more audible during tense encounters.


  • Fixed Clients experiencing performance issues (FPS dropping to 15) during Void Mirror objectives in Duviri.


  • Fixed Inaros’ Sandstorm not picking up enemies directly below him.
  • Fixed Nyx’s “Pacifying Bolts” Augment Mod not throwing an additional 3 force Psychic Bolts as intended.
  • Fixed fully ranked Requiem Mods not ranking down after a successful Parazon stabbing a Kuva Lich/Sister of Parvos.
  • Fixed Inaros’ Sandstorm VFX persisting indefinitely if canceled/recast repeatedly.
  • Fixed Ostrons in Cetus during the “Void Sling to break Veil” objective of The New War Quest having the “Stealth Attack” prompt.
  • Fixed players getting knocked down every 5 seconds after leaving the Arsenal in a town/Relay when the Negate Mod is equipped on their Wyrm.
  • Fixed the Nexus Fur Pattern having orange/green mottled skin under the fur.
  • Fixed the Arsenal UI for Necramechs only showing their Melee attack stats.
  • Fixed the Onos’ magazine always using its default color regardless of the color picked by the player.
  • Fixed the Onos’ Evolution upgrade screen only showing a portion of the weapon and not the whole thing.
  • Fixed Wukong’s Celestial Twin indicating it needs ammo while using the Nataruk (silly monkey the Nataruk has infinite ammo).
  • Fixed issue with Valkyr Prime not holding Nataruk’s arrow in her hand while her Noble Animation Set is equipped.
  • Fixed scaling issues with Yareli’s Batomorpha Helmet.
  • Fixed enemies (notably The Anatomizer and Necramite Drones) in Albrecht’s Laboratories being susceptible to getting stuck on terrain.
  • Fixed the Deadlock Protocol Quest requirements in the Codex missing mention of completion of the Saturn Junction.
  • Fixed being unable to close out of the Mission overview screen using the same binding you opened it with in Index and Conclave missions.
  • Fixed Shield Charger's Russian description not displaying Regen correctly.
  • Fixes more cases of errors caused by joining a Profit Taker Bounty while the Vox Solaris Quest (specifically a replay) is active.
    • To prevent further issues, the context action to speak to begin Profit Taker Bounties is now disabled while the Vox Solaris Quest is active.
  • Fixed a couple of rare crashes that could occur at game startup.
  • Fixed a script error caused by clicking on Cephalon Simaris in the Syndicates management screen.
  • Fixed a script error in the Magus Aggress Arcane if the player was killed/respawned after initiating a Heavy Attack.
  • Fixed a script error when viewing stats for Itzal’s Penumbra ability.
  • Fixed a script error when Thrax Legatus is killed during its beam attack.
  • Fixed a script error in Qorvex’s Chyrinka Pillar ability.
  • Fixed a script error when picking up Citrine's Remnants in the Tyana Pass Mirror Defense mission.
  • Fixed a script error when enemies attempt to spawn into the Undercroft.
  • Fixed a script error that could occur after Host migration while Undercroft portal is active in Duviri.
  • Fixes towards script errors that could occur when Host migrates after completing Chest objectives in Duviri.

For list of known issues for Dante Unbound, visit our dedicated thread:


Tune into on Thursday, April 18th for Prime Time #389! As always, the action begins at 6 p.m. ET and you can earn this week’s drop by watching for 45 minutes.

Our Spanish-speaking Tenno can also watch Emisión Tenno on April 17th at 3 p.m. ET over at!

This week, we’re offering a Built Forma for watching our official community streams.


Twitch Drop: Built Forma

Claim Time: 45 Minutes (Drop 1), 90 Minutes (Drop 2) and 120 Minutes (Drop 3)

**This Twitch Drop has a Claim Limit of 3 should you wish to get the maximum limit (1 Claim from WarframeInternational, 2 Claims from Prime Time) .

After Prime Time we’ll be raiding Nerdtured to continue the fun and share with their community.

Weekend Community Drops!

Every Weekend, we run a short Twitch Drop campaign on two Creator channels to offer a fun way to cap off the week and shine a spotlight on the Creators themselves! The Drops will run for one hour on each channel, with a 30 minute claim time for an Orbiter Decoration that the Creator has picked themselves!


BlackNato974 (French)
Saturday, April 20th from 12 pm to 1pm ET
Channel: BlackNato974
Drop: Noggle Statue - The New War Veso-R

JustOldPrime (English)
Saturday, April 20th from 1 pm to 2 pm ET
Drop: Void Shawzin

Each week’s schedule will be posted in our weekly Drops thread, so keep an eye out to see what campaign is coming next. :)




We’re back on the Devstream couch for Devstream #179 on April 26th at 2 p.m. ET!

Join the DE team as we break down some of the reveals we brought to PAX East! Learn more about Arthur, Aoi, and the Atomicycle, see Protea Prime and her Prime weaponry in-game, and get an in-depth look at our next Update: Jade Shadows.

Tune in to earn an Umbra Forma Blueprint Twitch Drop!

See you at on April 26th at 2 p.m ET.

Today’s Hotfix continues last week’s efforts to address community feedback since the changes made in Hotfix 35.5.3. More specifically, we have adjusted Dante’s Dark Verse, Pageflight and Tragedy, Nezha’s Divine Retribution Augment, and Arca Titron’s “Slam Capacity” buff with player sentiment in mind. We have also made quality-of-life changes to Overguard and Line of Sight (LoS) checks on other Warframes based on feedback sparked by Dante’s balance changes. Full details are listed below in dedicated sections.

There has been a considerable amount of change in a small amount of time, much of which could have arguably received some more careful consideration prior to release. Balance changes are only ever done with the best of intentions for the overall health of the game, but we have to recognize when we’ve overstepped. The combined changes from last Friday’s and today’s Hotfix acknowledge that and are intended to rectify and course-correct.

Dante Changes

As promised last week, we have made more adjustments to Dante as part of our continued effort to address player feedback regarding the balance changes made in Hotfix 35.5.3.

Dark Verse:

  • Made Dark Verse’s Line of Sight (LoS) checks more reliable to bring it in line with Tragedy.
    • Following the improvements to Tragedy’s LoS last week, we’ve applied the same logic to Dark Verse to ensure enemies within LoS are properly considered to prevent cases where being only partially visible would not trigger the check. This is part of the greater LoS improvements detailed in the “Line of Sight Improvements” section below.


  • Returned the Status Damage increase applied to enemies hit by its Paragrimms.
    • At Max Rank, the Status Damage Increase is 50% (scaleable with Ability Strength).
    • This was an undocumented/unintended element of Pageflight at release that we decided to remove, but in doing so, we broke our promise of “not touching damage” with Dante, so we’ve returned it, and it now has proper documentation in the ability UI!


  • Because of the return of Pageflight’s Status Damage increase, we have added a 1 billion damage cap to Tragedy, purely as a preventative measure against game errors. This is our highest damage cap in the game, a testament to how powerful Pageflight and Tragedy can be with the right setup. We will monitor feedback and performance over a longer time span before reviewing again.

Updated Overguard Interactions With Vex Armor, Rage, & Hunter Adrenaline

As announced last week, we’ve changed how Overguard interacts with effects that benefit from receiving damage on Warframe to make it more co-op friendly. Specifically, Chroma’s Vex Armor and the Rage and Hunter Adrenaline Mods. The conversations regarding Dante’s abilities with Overguard became a driving factor to look at these interactions and find ways in which we can make them work to benefit co-op play. Overall, these changes aim to create a harmonious arrangement between the often unpredictable Overguard gains from allies and Vex Armor, Rage, and Hunter Adrenaline.

The following changes are in addition to their existing functionality.

Chroma’s Vex Armor

Previously, Overguard would prevent Chroma from benefiting from his Vex Armor buffs (since it blocked damage on Health and Shields). So, we’ve made the following change to allow players to receive the buffs through all sources of Overguard:

Now: Melee kills now grant a 15% Armor increase and ranged kills a 15% increase to Weapon Damage (doubled to 30% for ranged weak point kills).

This has the additional perk of self-sufficiency where players have far more control over the buffs, instead of having to rely on the unpredictability of damage dealt by enemies.

Rage and Hunter Adrenaline

Previously, Overguard granted by allies could prevent you from gaining Energy from these Mods (since it blocked damage dealt to Health). So, in an effort to create a more co-op friendly experience between the two, we’ve made the following change:

Now, Rage and Hunter Adrenaline can convert the Damage on Overguard granted by allies to Energy while Shields are inactive.

More specifically, they will trigger when the last source of Overguard originates from an ally (includes Warframe Specters with Overguard abilities spawned by allies.) This allows shield-less Warframes, such as Inaros and Nidus, to be able to regenerate Energy via these Mods when they would have previously been blocked by Overguard granted by allies.

Here are the exact stat details:

  • Rage: +40% (same effectiveness as the base functionality) of Damage on Overguard granted by allies to Energy while Shields are inactive.
  • Hunter Adrenaline: +45% (same effectiveness as the base functionality) of Damage on Overguard granted by allies to Energy while Shields are inactive.

NOTE: Warframes that grant themselves Overguard, like Kullervo or Rhino, will not be able to trigger Rage and Hunter Adrenaline from their own Overguard. Only Overguard granted by allies is eligible because this is the only interaction that is potentially disruptive to your build (i.e your ally puts Overguard onto your Rage-Build Nidus).

Necramech Rage and Kinetic Diversion (Archwing) have also had the same changes applied to them with Overguard interactions:

  • Necramech Rage: Convert +15% of Damage on Overguard gained from allies to Energy.
  • Kinetic Diversion: Convert +40% of Damage on Overguard gained from allies to Energy.

General Overguard Change:

  • Frost’s Icy Avalanche Augment Mod will now grant Overguard to non-player allies in radius (i.e. Sentinels, Companions, Specters).

Line Of Sight (Los) Improvements

As announced last week, we have revisited LoS checks on other Warframes to bring them in line with the new and improved version of Dante’s LoS added in Hotfix 35.5.4.

To reiterate, there are now two variations of LoS checking:

  1. The first type of check sees if any part of the enemy has been drawn on the screen, so that any part of an enemy, big or small, is considered visible/eligible to pass the LoS check.
  2. The second type of check is for enemies that are not on screen. We now check for LoS to the enemy's head, torso, and feet instead of only to their body which will increase reliability there as well.

For Abilities that hit enemies in a full circle around you, both checks are used: Once to evaluate enemies that you can see and then a second sweep to check targets to the sides and behind you that aren't visible.

The following Warframe abilities have received the aforementioned improvements:

  • Excalibur’s Radial Blind (Rendered Check)
  • Excalibur Umbra’s Radial Howl (Rendered Check)
  • Dante’s Dark Verse (Rendered Check)
  • Helminth’s Sickening Pulse (Rendered Check)
  • Hildryn’s Pillage (Rendered Check)
  • Mag’s Pull (Rendered Check)
  • Nova’s Null Star Augment (Rendered Check)
  • Hildryn’s Aegis Storm (Raycast Check from floor where Hildryn is hovering)
  • Khora’s Whipclaw (Raycast Checks from multiple points around the whip's impact)
  • Qorvex’s Chyrinka Pillar (Raycast Checks from top and center of pillar)

The above changes also tangentially fixes the issue of low FOV preventing LoS checks from occurring (this was most reported for Dante’s Dark Verse, Hildryn’s Pillage, Khora’s Whipclaw, Mirage’s Prism, and Mag’s Pull).

More LoS Improvements in Future Update:
The following Warframe abilities will be receiving the same treatment in a future update, since they require Cert update (more information on what this means here) in order to launch across all platforms.

  • Ember’s Fire Blast
  • Gyre’s Rotorswell
  • Vauban’s Tesla Bank Augment
    • While a Cert update is required to apply the new LoS checks onto Vauban’s Tesla bank, we have in the meantime fixed the AoE from the mines getting blocked by non-static objects.The Augment was preventing the mines from behaving as they do in their non-augmented state where they check for cover for static objects (level geometry), so we’ve rectified that so that it is subject to the same checks as Tesla Nervos AoE.
  • Zephyr’s Tailwind (Dive Bomb)

As written directly above, we are not done with improving LoS and will continue to assess where further improvements can be made. New reports related to LoS will be investigated for future Hotfixes/Updates. Thank you, Tenno!

Nezha's Divine Retribution Change

Divine Spears now have a set base radius of 14m (scaleable with Ability Range) instead of the previous 50% Ability Range reduction while the Augment is equipped.

After reading player feedback, reducing Divine Spears’ range by 50% rendered the Augment quite limiting and carved heavily into Mod Slot space to accommodate for it. So we’ve instead given it a base Radius to keep it within reason, but also to bring it back to a much more manageable level without dipping into extremes (as it was prior to the changes).

Arca Titron “Slam Capacity” Trait Changes

Arca Titron was an outlier to the Slam Attack rework in Dante Unbound, as its Unique Trait allowed for ludicrous damage numbers. We aimed to change its damage output to a more reasonable level, but as a result made the weapon too underpowered.

To address this, we’ve made the following changes to the Titron based on the community feedback we received after the adjustments we made to the buff in last week’s Hotfix:

  • Reduced the max charges from 10 to 5.
    • We wanted to make it easier for players to achieve max charges so that they can benefit from the Slam Damage and Range increase more often.
  • We’ve also adjusted the Slam Damage and Range per charge increase to accommodate for the change of max charges:
    • Increased the Slam Damage increase per charge to +250% (was +100%) for a total of +1,250% (was +1,000%).
    • Increased the Slam Range increase per charge to 2m (was 1m) for a total of 10m (same as before!).
  • Fixed Slam Capacity’s guaranteed Electricity Status proc to Slam Attack not occurring.

Deep Archimedea Fixes

  • Fixed Void Angel scaling in difficulty based on the squad’s total death count, instead of for the downed individual as intended.
  • Fixed still earning Reward Points from matching Loadout after swapping off of the options during the mission vote countdown timer.
  • Fixed being able to awaken multiple Void Angels at once after multiple teammates have fallen and need to be revived.
  • Fixed Clients being unable to see the “Alchemical Invulnerability” elemental icons on enemies in Alchemy missions.
  • Fixed being unable to complete Deep Archimedea missions due to Stalker spawning in.
    • This was due to Stalker spawning on the other side of locked doors, preventing players from completing the mission. We’ve disabled Stalker spawning into (including Stalker Beacon) Albrecht’s Laboratories missions to prevent this and similar issues from reoccurring in Deep Archimedea and the base missions.
  • Fixed several script errors caused by the Loadout options (notably when Host migration occurs).
  • Fixed a typo in the description for the “Barbed Glyphs” Mirror Defense mission Deviation.
  • Fixed unlocalized text appearing in the Deep Archimedea screen for Loadout options.

General Fixes

  • Fixed players being unable to matchmake for Omnia Fissure missions located on the Zariman or Albrecht’s Laboratories.
  • Fixed the possibility of Distressed Pipes in Alchemy missions spawning under the floor in the new tiles that were released with Dante Unbound - making them untargetable unless with Slam Attacks.
  • Fixed being unable to trade Mods in the Dojo immediately after Ranking them up.
  • Fixed Residual Arcanes not triggering while riding Merulina.
  • Fixed Akjara having strange shot patterning that leads to poor Accuracy.
    • With no added Multishot, the bug was causing it to shoot its projectiles as a line to the right of the point of aim. With Multishot, they would shoot as a line to the left of the point of aim. Now, it should correctly shoot its projectiles in an averaged radius around the point of aim.
  • Fixed loss of function after casting Kullervo’s Wrathful Advance while dual wielding a Secondary Weapon with a Glaive Melee.
  • Fixed Onos’ Evolution V not unlocking after completing a Solo mission with an Incarnon Weapon equipped in every slot (as required) if the player had an Exalted Weapon active while extracting.
  • Fixed destroyed Murmur Sarcophages not always counting towards the “Find X Murmur Sarcophages” Cavia Bounty Challenge.
  • Fixed Lohk Surges not spawning reliably to complete the “Find and Activate X Lohk Surges” Cavia Bounty Challenge.
  • Fixed the Heart of Deimos Quest not progressing if the player reaches the Requiem Cipher door while the “Kill Infested” objective is still active.
    • Now, the door to the Requiem Cipher will remain locked until after defeating all the Infested enemies to prevent this issue from recurring.
  • Fixed Styanax’s Tharros Strike infused onto another Warframe via Helminth not having any visible projectiles.
  • Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirror Clones obstructing player’s view (instead of fading out when in reticle) after casting Eclipse with the Total Eclipse Augment Mod.
  • Fixed being able to have more than 4 players in a Railjack mission.
  • Fixed Warframe with cyclable abilities missing stats for each of their effects in the ability screen. Specifically:
    • Wisp’s Reservoirs
    • Titania’s Tribute
    • Chroma’s Spectral Scream
    • Xaku’s The Lost
    • Vauban’s Minelayer
  • Fixed the UI backtracking after opening the Archon Shards screen via the Arsenal and quickly selecting the “Archon Shards” button in the Helminth screen.
  • Fixed Challenge descriptions box in Profile appearing black when switching tabs.
  • Fixed the glass material on Lavos’ vials and Helmet being too bright in GI lighting areas.
  • Fixed the Vehicles Arsenal (for Archwing, K-Drive and Necramech) having much darker lighting than the standard Arsenal in the Orbiter.
  • Fixed a crash related to Yareli’s Merulina getting destroyed after spawning.
  • Fixed a crash caused by Host migration occurring in a secret part of Albrecht’s Laboratories.
  • Fixed the Chains of Harrow Quest “Equip Kinetic Siphon Traps” prompt missing instructions on how to acquire them.
  • Fixed Valkyr’s Carnivex Skin causing her to hold Bows awkwardly in one of her idle animations.
  • Fixed Onos appearing on Yareli’s left arm instead of the right as intended while using the Loyal Merulina Augment Mod.
  • Fixed the Onos having too much flickering in its beam motion.
  • Fixed the Narmer Faction name not being localized in the mission node popup.
  • Fixed information pop ups in the Foundry appearing on items that don’t have the crafting components being shown.
  • Fixed environment flickering issues in one of the Albrecht’s Laboratories tiles.
  • Fixed a gap in one of the doorways in the Albrecht’s Laboratories tileset.
  • Fixed being unable to destroy the grates in certain areas of the Albrecht’s Laboratories tileset.
  • Fixed several script errors in Cavia Bounties.

For list of known issues for Dante Unbound, visit our dedicated thread: