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While we’ve briefly paused on Hotfixing until we release Update 33.5 The Seven Crimes of Kullervo, we wanted to note a handful of documented issues that will be fixed when the Update launches. These are in-game fixes that require code, which means it requires a Cert Update to deploy these changes. If you’re not sure what sending to Cert means, we’ve posted a “Warframe Lexicon for Updates” to help explain our processes.

Known issues that are fixed for The Seven Crimes of Kullervo:

(this list is by no means exhaustive)

  • Rune Marrow not being affected by Boosters in the Undercroft.

  • The Killer’s Confidence Decree slows Warframes for the remainder of the mission after using abilities with large areas of effect (Commonly seen in the Undercroft and Orowyrm arena).

  • Sevagoth’s Shadow does not benefit from Decrees.

  • Joining missions with a full set of Stalker weapons and the Dread Incarnon evolution “Coup de Grace” crashes the game (workaround in the meantime: use a different weapon or a different evolution).

  • Tapping Aim while in the middle of a melee swing causes your weapon to get stuck in Aim mode until you tap it again.

  • Ranger's Reload” Decree breaks Hema functionality.

  • The Evolution 5 challenge "Complete a mission with an Incarnon weapon in every slot" doesn’t unlock if Incarnon Genesis weapons are used.

  • Host migration after abandoning a Railjack mission causes Client to be stuck loading.

  • Copying existing Decorations does not keep scaling or orientation.

  • Unable to search for weapons with Incarnon Adapters installed in Arsenal.

  • *Interception rewards skipping rounds.

  • *Acrithis vendor and Komi boards becoming blurry if Depth of Field is enabled.

  • The Hate’s Incarnon Form causing self-stagger.

  • Fixed Zylok Incarnon projectile considering enemy bodies as "cover"

More fixes are actively being investigated - the above is a reflection of issues that been verified in Update 33.5.

Under Review for the Update:

  • The Soma’s Incarnon Form damage output and interaction with the Hata Satya Augment Mod.

Upcoming “Quality of Life” (QOL) Changes:

As mentioned in Devstream 171, we have an ongoing list of QOL changes based on Community feedback (this list is by no means exhaustive):

  • Ability to preview Teshin’s Cave offerings in the Star Chart before entering Duviri.

    • Tied to specific Drifter Intrinsics.


(In development image for reference)

  • Static Undercroft Portals in Duviri as optional side-objectives.

    • Steel Path Circuit Arcanes will also be available here.

  • Full Key Binding customization for the Drifter in “Control” settings.

  • Players can now skip the Reward pop-up in the Circuit after unlocking multiple tiers at once.

  • Reduced Maw Feeding difficulty by increasing the time allotted to feed.

Thank you all for your feedback and bug reports! If you have any more bug reports or feedback to share, you can continue to do so in our dedicated Duviri subforum.

There’s lots more to come in Update 33.5: The Seven Crimes of Kullervo, such as Kullervo himself!

The Warframe Lexicon for Updates

The purpose of this post is to explain the terminology you’ve often seen us use when describing Warframe updates. Ultimately, this will serve as a permanent post that will be linked in future PSAs and more to help players better understand Warframe’s development cycle.


CODE describes the kind of changes we make directly to (in simple terms) the game’s engine. Depending on the nature of an issue, feature, or change, it may involve us making adjustments to Code for it to be fully resolved.

When we make changes to Code, it must go through a Certification (Cert) process required by each Console platform. In order to launch an update, we must successfully pass each of their checks. This involves things like ensuring it won’t crash the machine or cause any other issues to core functionality. Anything that is not “Code” (scripts, assets, etc.) can be Hotfixed.

Additionally, we need to ensure all platforms are aligned to maintain Cross Platform Play parity so that all Tenno can continue to play together.


HOTFIX describes a small batch of non-Code changes/fixes that are released outside of regular update intervals. Typically, you will see Hotfixes occur after major updates have gone live to address prevalent issues. Anything that cannot be fixed in a Hotfix (due to it being Code) is slated for release with the next Cert Build.

There are times when Hotfixing will be paused (also known as “going dark”) to prepare for the next major update. In most cases, this is so the dev team can focus all of their efforts on the next update and because it is required to prepare a Cert Build for submission properly.


CERT BUILD describes the packaged Code fixes/changes we submit to the Certification process as explained above.


MAINLINE UPDATE describes an update that consists of absolutely everything we’ve been working on that’s accumulated over a certain time period. Typically, the kinds of things comprising a mainline update are related to the main content features and heaps of more minor additions, changes, and fixes. These updates are also required to go through Cert before release.

Often when we talk about mainline updates, we mention that there is a chance things “slip through the cracks.” Given the nature of releasing a large backlog of changes and fixes, it may cause issues that need to be addressed in follow-up Hotfixes once the update is live.


INTERIM UPDATE describes a typically smaller update that is released between major content updates. It consists of Code changes/fixes and is therefore required to go through Cert. Interim updates don’t happen frequently as the turnaround time eats up our Hotfixing opportunities.

As development practices evolve, so will the ways we explain them to players. That said, we will continue to update this post as needed!


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Greetings Tenno!

You may have already heard about Warfarme’s next update, titled The Seven Crimes of Kullervo. More details about exactly what this update includes are available in Devstream #171. If you missed the live broadcast you can check the video or review the Devstream Overview to know what to expect!

In order to fully concentrate on The Seven Crimes, we will be holding off on releasing additional hotfixes between now and when the update is ready. Day to day operations will continue as normal, and we will be continuing to collect feedback and bug reports. To see a list of which issues are already fixed and coming with the update, see our "Upcoming Fixes" post.

While you’re waiting, some other things to keep an eye on:

  • Confused about the difference between a hotfix and a feature update? Check here for explanation.
  • Scheduled live streams like Prime Time and Warframe International will continue as planned
  • Warframe has partnered with Covenant House for a charitable fundraising campaign. Please consider reading about The Mission at
  • Tennocon 2023 is scheduled for August 26th! All physical tickets are sold out, but if you’re interested in some excellent offers from the Digital Pack, you can learn more at

Thank you for your patience as we focus on building the next chapter.

The Duviri Paradox: Hotfix 33.0.14


  • Fixed Clients infinitely falling through the map after completing the Orowyrm fight if they were riding a Kaithe upon entering the portal from the landscape.

  • More fixes towards enemies not spawning after Host migration in the Undercroft during Void Flood missions.

  • Fixes towards Hidden Chests (notably ones near The King’s Palace and Fort Wyrmsoul) failing to open after completing the hacking mini-game.

  • Fixed a script error with Zephyr’s Tornadoes.

  • Fixed a script error in the end of mission screen when returning to the Orbiter from Sanctuary Onslaught missions.