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PC Tenno!

With Operation: Orphix Venom coming to an end TODAY on PC, we must give a new home to Lavos and his signature weapon - the Cedo. This week will bring a Hotfix that puts all the required Blueprints needed for both Lavos and the Cedo in Father’s Wares for Entrati Standing.

Similar to Baruuk, you will be able to acquire Lavos/Cedo and their parts at varying Entrati Ranks:

Lavos Blueprint: Rank 2 - Acquaintance

Lavos Chassis/Neuroptics/Systems: Rank 3 - Associate

Cedo Blueprint: Rank 4 - Friend

Cedo Barrel/Receiver/Stock: Rank 5 - Family*

Thanks for playing Operation: Orphix Venom - stay tuned for this week’s Hotfix!

(*note: if these placements change we will detail in the official Hotfix notes).


Tune in to Warframe community streams to enjoy hang outs and casual gameplay with the Community Team!

In lieu of our traditional streams, members of the Community Team are broadcasting from their homes during our regularly scheduled times. Stop by and catch up with us and other Tenno!

Watch at for 30 minutes to receive this week’s Twitch Drop:

  • Monday: Jad Teran Noggle
  • Tuesday: Azoth Noggle
  • Wednesday: Raptor RX Noggle
  • Thursday: Auditor Noggle

Reminder: Make sure your Twitch and Warframe accounts are linked!


If you're having trouble, please unlink and relink your Twitch and Warframe accounts. First, make sure you're logged into & with the correct accounts you want linked. Then visit and under "User Information", check your Twitch Sync field. Refresh the link by choosing "Click here to unlink" and then choosing "Click here to link".

Those who have not linked their accounts before can do so here.


You can also follow our live stream schedule on our calendar! Community Tenno, Digressive provides regular updates. You can use the subscription option if you’d like a reminder for each stream!

Nintendo Switch Tenno who want to watch from their portable console can do so by installing the YouTube app for free at the Nintendo eShop. Head to the Warframe YouTube channel when we're live to tune in!

Devstream151_Wraithe Concept_V2.pngTenno!

Our first Devstream of the year will go live on January 29 @ 2 p.m ET at! This will be the first of many advanced save the dates this year as we intend on changing our Devstream process up in this new year. We plan on doing 1 major Devstream a month with plenty of notice, and plenty of information organized into one hour. Just a teaspoon more organization in our typically candid and fun Devstreams.

Our goal is to simply give you - the community - more of a guide in when to expect what we show. We have accrued a lot of ‘ship what we’ve shown’ debt, and the organized monthly format should make the timelines of when to expect things more solid.

We will have our preview thread live in our forums (and reddit) on January 27 with more information on the Twitch Drop and what’s coming in our first Devstream of the year. For now, our teaser image can get you ready to learn all about Codename: Wraithe in our first stream of the year, and much, much more.

Save the date, Tenno!

Thanks for tuning in to Home Time #38!

Youtube video description now houses Platinum winners, Fan Art, etc!

Today we will be starting a server script to fix player accounts that had a very specific pattern of purchases from Teshin's Steel Path Honors shop.

Script has finished running! Nearly 12K player accounts were repaired.

In November of 2020 we introduced weekly items, that could be purchased once a week and would rotate over time. Players who purchased two different items right at the start of this new offering could potentially end up with a broken account state where the purchase history was not properly unset, and the game would never allow you to purchase the item again. This has just come to light now because the special stock has gone through one complete rotation, and those players whose accounts were affected are unable to buy the item (an Umbra Forma Blueprint) that they should be able to.

The fix is a script that we will run on all player accounts which will allow the bad data to be properly removed on the next login. Your previous purchases will not be changed, no items or currencies will be modified. After your account is repaired you will be able to visit Teshin's shop on the relay and purchase your Umbra Forma Blueprint from the special time limited stock as intended.