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Operation: Plague Star has returned on all platforms until June 26 at 2:00PM ET!

Attention Tenno! Ostron scouts have reported that the Plague Star has once again made impact on the Plains of Eidolon! Please review this handy guide and FAQ for all the info you need to conquer this returning Operation.

This run of Plague Star will be the first on Nintendo Switch! As a friendly upfront update for PC, PS4, and Xbox One Tenno, your Operational Supply Standing from previous occurrences of Operation: Plague Star is still all intact.

Operation: Plague Star

Rally your Squad and defend the Plains of Eidolon!

The infested boil that threatened the Plains is back, uglier and more putrid than before. Vay Hek possesses a toxin that can destroy the boil at the meteorite crash site, but he refuses to help. Steal his toxin and destroy the boil before the Infested make their way to Cetus.

What You Need To Do

Konzu has a Plague Star Specific Bounty for you. Completing the series of Bounty Missions will earn you continued Operation Standing to shop for all the Event Rewards! You should to speak to Konzu at Cetus to begin running the Plague Star Bounty!

What You Need To Know

The Plague Star Bounty starts with enemies in the Medium difficulty range, but you can increase the stakes. The more Bounties you complete, the more standing you earn toward something new: Operation Syndicate! Nakak, the oddities vendor, represents the Operational Supply Syndicate for Operation: Plague Star! The Rewards Nakak holds to exchange for standing aren't just vanity - some allow you to increase the stakes to earn more!


Event Rewards!

Much like the way we used a token system for the Ambulas Reborn event, we have taken that idea one step further. Reminder: Nakak, the oddities vendor, represents the Operational Supply Syndicate for Operation: Plague Star!

Visit Nakak with earned standing to choose your Operation Rewards!

Plague Star Specific:

Eidolon Phylaxis: Equip to earn more standing and make the event harder levels!

  • Infested Zaw Components
  • Event Emblem
  • Infested Zaw Exodia


  • Ether Daggers
  • Snipetron
  • Fulmination Mod
  • Sacrifice Mod
  • Note on Relics in the Plague Star Bounty Drop Table: Since Equinox Prime Access is currently live, we have swapped the Chroma Prime Relics that were in rotation during the last run of Plague Star for Equinox Prime Relics!


  • Cetus items are available for purchase with Operation Standing!

Clan Scoring & Rewards:

  • Infested Catalyst: Summon Hemocyte for rewards & a higher score! Defeating Hemocyte houses 6 Hunter Set Mods!
  • Hunter Set Mods: Drop from the summoning of HEMOCYTES. Infested Catalyst are required for these!
  • Hunter Adrenaline
  • Hunter Command
  • Hunter Munitions
  • Hunter Recovery
  • Hunter Synergy
  • Hunter Track

Once again, you will be able to use your Hemocyte Cystolith to build Operation trophies for your Dojo! As before, the required Cystolith costs will depend on the size of your Clan. The trophy costs for a Ghost Clan are as follows: Terracota 10, Bronze 25, Silver 50, Gold 100.

Requirements for a Shadow Clan are x3, Storm Clans are x10, Mountain Clans x30, and Moon Clans x100.

Scoring Specifics:

  • Please note that a default run earns 1000 Operational Syndicate Standing.
  • Each used Infested Catalyst is worth an additional 250 (4 max).
  • Each used Eidolon Phylaxis is worth an additional 250 (4 max).

A Solo Player bringing 4 of each can earn 3000 independently, or a squad of 4 with one each can also earn 3000.


“How do I participate in Operation Plague Star?”
Operation Plague Star can be accessed by speaking with Konzu in Cetus. The first Bounty listed in his menu will be “Operation Plague Star.”

“Where do I turn in my Operational Supply?”
Operational Supply earned from completing Operation Plague Star can be turned in to Nakak, Cetus’ oddities vendor by selecting “Operational Supply.”

“Does my daily Standing cap affect my Operational Supply gain?”
No, the Operational Supply earned in the event is not affected by your daily cap.

“How do I summon Hemocyte to earn the Hunter Mod Set?”
The Hemocyte enemy can be spawned by mixing the “Infested Catalyst” into the toxin during Stage 2 of the bounty. The “Infested Catalyst” can be crafted after Researching the reusable blueprint found in your Dojo’s Bio Lab. Make sure you equip it in your Gear tab!

“How do I use the Eidolon Phylaxis to increase my Standing gain?”
The Eidolon Phylaxis can be mixed into the toxin during stage 2 of the bounty to increase its lethality and increase your Standing gain. They can be crafted using a reusable blueprint available for purchase once you reach the “Collaborator” rank (rank 1) in the Operational Supply Syndicate. Make sure you equip it in your Gear tab!

“Will I be able to build the Trophies for this Operation if I missed them the first time?”
Yep! You will be able to build the Clan Trophies with your existing and newly earned Hemocyte Cystolith.

“Are any items event exclusive?”
Nope! Rewards in Operation Plague Star will return in future events. This means that the Infested Zaw parts will be re-obtainable in future events.

“Can my Clan build a the Operation Trophies after the event ends?”
Yes! You are able to craft the trophies indefinitely so long as you possess an adequate amount of the Hemocyte Cystolith.

"Is my progress/rank in the Operational Supply Syndicate saved?"
Yes, your rank in the Operational Supply Syndicate will be saved when the event ends and is carried forward.

“Has my Operational Supply Standing been saved from the last Operation: Plague Star?”
It has! We have decided to keep all player’s Operational Supply Standing fully intact form wherever they last left off in Operation: Plague Star!

Thanks Tenno! Go splatter some Hemocyte guts around the Plains!

The Jovian Concord: Hotfix 25.1.3

More back-end fixes for Plague Star included in this Hotfix.


  • Improved tolerance of third-party software injecting itself into Warframe.
  • Improved crash-reporting in the Launcher.
  • Enabled dual-stack IPv4/IPv6 connections to the chat servers by default (you can opt out in the Settings).
  • Optimized Chat-Window initialization.
  • Optimized Invite panel initialization.
  • Removed Wisp footstep sounds when crouching / dashing.


  • Fixed a loss of controller functionality when pressing the start button during the Second Dream intro cinematic.
  • Fixed UI lockups that could occur if you had an outrageous number of Friends.
  • Fixed Client Host migrations issues coming up with partially destroyed objectives in the Gas City Sabotage tileset.
  • Fixed Clients not seeing the Sabotage countdown stopping once hacked in the Gas City tileset.
  • Fixed Garuda’s Dread Mirror duration not refreshing after re-casting.
  • Fixed Hildryn’s Shield Pillage Shield pillage not being nullified on contact, only delayed.
  • Fixed Hydroid becoming stuck in his Tentacle Swarm cast animation after respawning from a teleport volume.
  • Fixed Beam weapons and Gunblades not affecting Bursting Mass damage on detonate.
  • Fixed Nora Night not showing up in the Nightwave screen.
  • Fixed the TennoCon 2019 Emote not having any sound to the local player.
  • Fixed a bunch of Containers stuck in ice that were unreachable for players on the Corpus Ice Planet tileset.
  • Fixed Nidus Nighthunter Skin appearing fully Mutated in Navigation, Relays, Cetus or Fortuna.
  • Fixed body slam dash allowing you to travel much further than intended in Lunaro.


Alad V wasted no time causing trouble with new creations in the Jovian Concord. Amalgam Sentient enemies and the Ropalolyst loom on Jupiter looking for a fight. Show us how to respond, Tenno! Choose a new enemy from The Jovian Concord and, using images and symbols, depict how to defeat it.

We will choose five winners who use original art and five winners who use screenshots or Fan Kit assets.

How to enter: Use images and symbols to depict how to defeat one of the new enemies on Jupiter:

  • The Ropalolyst
  • Demolysts
  • Amalgam Alkonosts
  • Amalgam Heqet
  • Amalgam Kucumatz
  • Amalgam Machinists
  • Amalgam MOAs
  • Amalgam Ospreys
  • Amalgam Satyrs

Share your submission in this thread for judging!


  • 1st place – Equinox Prime Access!
  • 2nd place – 1000 Platinum!
  • 3rd place – 750 Platinum!
  • 4th place – 500 Platinum!
  • 5th place – 250 Platinum!

Need an example?

Original art example by Tinstuff, which inspired this contest!

Screenshot example:


Ropalyst Fight How To Example-1.png

Ropalyst Fight How To Example-2.png

Ropalyst Fight How To Example-3.png

Ropalyst Fight How To Example-4.png

Ropalyst Fight How To Example-5.png


  • One submission per player
  • Submission must be your original work
  • Submission must be appropriate for the community forums
  • Do not reserve posts in this thread
  • Submissions that do not follow these rules will be disqualified

Winners will be chosen based on the creativity, quality, and accuracy of their submissions. Make your submission unique and focus on using images more than words to explain how to defeat the enemy!

This contest starts now until Thursday, June 20th @ 1:00PM ET!


Let the battle begin, Tenno!

Thanks for tuning in!

Platinum Winners:





Equinox Prime Access Winners:






Fan Art Recap:


See you next week for our last week of streams before TennoCon 2019!

Calling all Tenno and Wukong lovers!

Released in 2015, Wukong entered the Arsenal as an homage to Chinese folklore. Since his initial inception, we’ve undergone changes to Melee and beyond which have made this Warframe feel a bit left behind. As highlighted in our latest Devstream, exciting developments are in the works for Wukong - and we are not monkeying around. Read on to see how we plan on making all his abilities a bit more active and meaningful:

Statistic Changes

  • Health will be increased from 100 to 150 (at max rank increased from 300 to 450).
  • Shield will be decreased from 125 to 100 (at max rank decreased from 375 to 300).
    • Why? Since Wukong’s new kit now involves an armour buff, relying more on his health will enable a better synergy.
  • Energy will be increased from 100 to 120 (at max rank 150 to 180).
  • Sprint will be increased from .95 to 1.0.

Celestial Twin

  • Replacing Iron Jab, Celestial Twin will allow for Wukong to shed a part of himself to call a supporting clone into action. The clone will attack from range while Wukong uses melee, or will use melee while Wukong uses range.
  • Press ability again to command Wukong’s clone to attack a specific target with increased damage.
  • Wukong’s clone will remain until it runs out of life.

Reasons for changes: Iron Jab is being replaced as it essentially exists as a weaker version of other powers. Wukong’s Ultimate can fulfill and surpass the role of Iron Jab, while fulfilling more of Wukong’s lore and creating a more powerful, synergized kit.


Cloud Walker

  • Wukong evaporates into a fast-moving cloud of mist that will temporarily daze and paralyze enemies in his path. While in his cloud of mist, Cloud Walker has the additional mechanic of healing Wukong and his clone.
  • His movement can be interrupted by attacking at any time.
  • Cloud Walker has a much faster cast time which will no longer hold Wukong in place.
  • Wukong will no longer trigger laser traps or doors while using Cloud Walker.
  • Energy cost for Cloud Walker has been lowered.

Reasons for changes: Previously, Cloud Walker did not have many use cases as it was a slower and lesser stealth option than that of other frames. These changes make the Ability good for repositioning, more well-rounded - and WAY faster.



  • Defy will now taunt enemies while Wukong and his clone gain temporary invulnerability with reduced movement speed. All damage is captured, stored, and dealt back in a single furious long range staff spin attack.
  • Based on the amount of damage prevented by Defy, Wukong and his clone will receive a temporary armour buff.
  • Press ability again to trigger spin early.

Reasons for changes: Previously, Defy’s invulnerability was not very interactive. This change features invulnerability while encouraging more tactical, active, and interesting gameplay techniques. As many of us used Defy to be immortal, it simply was too much of a set-it-and-forget it ability. Changing it to still offer invulnerability is important to us, and strengthening the rest of his Abilities makes up for the loss of complete god mode.


Primal Fury

  • Primal Fury will feature a new specialized and streamlined combo for Wukong’s legendary Iron Staff. As a preview of the upcoming Melee 3.0 system, Wukong’s Primal Fury uses new combo routes with simplified inputs providing a safe, limited space to try out coming releases.
  • Damage for Wukong and his clone is redistributed for a more powerful feel, with a much higher status chance, larger base range, and some slash.
  • Casting no longer holds Wukong in place. With new energy requirements, the cast cost of Primal Fury was lowered but cast drain was increased to be turned off and on as desired.
  • Animation has been trimmed.
  • The range of Wukong’s Iron Staff is always long, comparable to top range Zaws, and no longer needs to build combo to scale range.

Reasons for changes: When Primal Fury was initially used previously, it felt weak due to short range and after some use felt strong. These changes will enable a stronger, more exciting play while featuring a taste of the upcoming Melee 3.0 system.



  • 5 Levels of Immortality: Wukong has learned 5 techniques to avoid death whenever he takes fatal damage. Wukong will be randomly allowed 3 of these techniques per mission to avoid death 3 times. Each technique will make Wukong invulnerable for 2 seconds, restore 50% health, and provide a unique buff.
    1. Primal Forces: Triple elemental damage for 60 seconds
    2. Heavenly Cloak: Invisibility for 30 seconds
    3. Cosmic Armour: Invulnerable for 30 seconds
    4. Monkey Luck: Extra loot drops for 60 seconds
    5. Sly Alchemy: Orbs 4x more effective for 60 seconds


  • Celestial Twin Augment: Replacing Iron Vault, Wukong will command his clone to perform a wide radius slam, suspending enemies.
  • Enveloping Cloud: No planned changes.
  • Primal Rage: Increased cap from 100 to 150%, increased bonus per kill from 10% to 15%. Drain now scales with duration, so the higher Wukong’s duration, the slower it drains, and when Wukong gets a kill the drain stops for 5 seconds.

Right now, Wukong is one of our less utilized Warframes. We hope that these changes will create a more interesting and engaging playing experience for current Wukong mains while helping this trickster find his way into the hearts of future fans. To celebrate the changes, all players who currently own Wukong will receive 3 Forma!

We’re really excited to share these early stages, but keep in mind that everything listed is still subject to change prior to release! Please feel free to share your constructive feedback and thoughts below on the developments coming to The Monkey King. As Lotus once said, “Everybody's got something to hide, Tenno. Except Wukong.”

*Wukong will be disabled in Conclave after his Revisit has launched until the team can properly balance him for the Conclave gamemode.


Today, Rebecca and Pablo hosted a Wukong Dev Workshop stream where they answered some of your questions and showed gameplay of the changes coming to Wukong. We recommend checking out the full video if you have time, linked below:

Part 1:

Part 2:

We also managed to track down some of your clone FAQs from today’s stream!

1) Will Wukong’s clone trigger alarms?


2) Does the clone have its own combo counter and does it benefit from Blood Rush?

Yes, and yes.

3) Will the clone try to avoid Nullifiers? In the stream, he dominated a Nullifier, will that happen usually?

No. What happened in the stream today was a bit of a unique case. Typically, the clone will attempt to take on a Nullifier, and will take health damage over time while inside a Nullifer’s field.

4) Will a Wukong Specter also create its own clone?


5) What happens to the clone when you go into Operator mode?

The clone will continue functioning while a player is in Operator mode, but will remain anchored to Wukong.

6) Can the clone use alt fire on weapons?

This will depend on the weapon, as some will have AI behaviour defined.

7) Can the clone use heavy weapons?



Ropa Ropa Ropa Ropa Ropalolyyyyyyyst, it comes and goes, it grabs and throooOOOOoows. Megan and Danielle will be engaging and taking down this sky beast on stream for the first time!

PLUS, don’t miss the newest Warframe Community Fan Art and Twitch Drop! Vote on what Twitch Drop YOU want in the official Warframe Discord brainstorming channel!

See you here tonight, June 13th at 7pm ET. Check your time zones here.

Please ensure your correct Twitch account and Warframe account are linked to receive Twitch Drops:

*Don’t forget to get your Dojo in shape ... you never know when we could come knocking!

Nintendo Switch Tenno: By installing the Youtube app for free on your Nintendo Switch, you can conveniently watch the stream on the Warframe Youtube channel from your portable system!


If you’ve been keeping track of the Hotfixes and hamsters today, you’ll know that we’re currently trying to resolve issues within Operation: Plague Star before we launch it. Currently, the issues make Plague Star incompletable, which simply does not sit well with anyone.

As we work toward fixing this for all Platforms, we’re also aware of an unfortunate crash on Xbox One that requires us to submit to Cert, which we just did, meaning Xbox One can’t Hotfix the Plague Star fixes until Cert has passed. We predict a quick turnaround for Cert given the scope of the fix.

With that being said, we’ll be launching Plague Star on all platforms once the Plague Star issues are solved and Xbox One has passed Cert. Like Nightwave, it's important to have Plague Star run simultaneously on all Platforms, and we're doing our best to make this happen as quickly as possible.

Understandably, this news is frustrating considering we’ve said ‘June 12’ for awhile now, but we can’t ship an unplayable Plague Star.

Apologies for the delay. We’ll keep everyone in the loop on the status of these fixes and when you can expect Plague Star this week!


Nightwave: Intermission is now live on all platforms until July 5th at 11:59 PM ET.

What is Nightwave: Intermission?

Nightwave: Intermission is a 15 Rank evergreen reward Intermission! As we work towards content for Series 2, we wanted to release an interim gap to ensure rewards were accessible! Nora Cred can be acquired and used to purchase Nightwave Offerings during this mini-series. 

Nightwave: Intermission Rank Rewards:

  1. 100 Nora Creds
  2. 2000 Endo
  3. Robotic Slots
  4. 3 Orokin Cells
  5. Gamma Color Picker
  6. 50 Nora Creds
  7. 10K Kuva
  8. Rift Sigil
  9. 3 Forma Bundle
  10. Orokin Reactor
  11. 50 Nora Creds
  12. 10K Kuva
  13. Orokin Catalyst
  14. Aura Forma
  15. EIDOLON EPHEMERA (not exclusive to this rewards table)

Nightwave: Intermission includes all of the Changes mentioned here, with the addition of a further change:

  1. Changed Nightwave Standing for Weekly Acts from 4.5k to 6k and Elite Weekly Acts from 7k to 9k.
    1. This Standing increase is just for Intermission, in order to allow all 15 Ranks to be achievable in the given limited time duration. Nightwave: Season 2 will have the original change mentioned here.

Get out there - Dreamers.


33 minutes ago, Zahnny said:

Ah, so up until Tennocon. Nice. Do we get 15 creds when we perstiege like last time?

Very good question!

There is no Prestige past Rank 15 in Intermission. Intermission is short, sweet, and simply an interim gap.

Series 2 will have Rank Prestige back.

The Jovian Concord: Hotfix 25.1.2

Relic UI Changes & Fixes:

  • The team has put together another chunk of UI changes to address your common suggestions. More to come as we continue to read your feedback!
  • Tweaked the alpha of the Unowned Relic grid to 40% from 25% to increase differentiation between owned / unowned.
  • Upon selecting an unowned Relic, the Refinement button will now read ‘You Do Not Own This Relic’ to alleviate Refinement possibility confusion.
  • Your alias in the Relic Reward screen is now displayed in a different color respective to your chosen UI Theme to help differentiate between yourself and squadmate.
  • Fixed numerous Relic icons appearing stretched.


  • Integrated about 1000 micro-optimizations across hundreds of scripts.
  • Made a few dozen micro-optimizations to various UI and gameplay scripts.
  • Mesa Prime can now be used in Conclave.
  • Increased the Frost Ion Skin emissive brightness to be on par with others.
  • Hovering over Debt Bonds in Ticker’s purchase screen now displays the amount you’re getting, as opposed to just how many you already own.
  • Operator Hoods will now appear open when previewing Operator Earpiece dioramas.
  • Airborne Capture Targets in the Gas City tileset will now keep flying when critically injured, with his jetpack set on fire. Upon landing he will continue his escape, but the powerful explosion of his own jetpack will knock him down. He is yours now to capture, Tenno!
  • Made alt-tab to Borderless Warframe re-acquire the mouse immediately (like Fullscreen).


  • Fixed ‘Providing’ items (Hok, Rude Zuud, etc) not awarding the amount of Standing it says will be awarded.
  • Fixed Client Operators entering "invisible" state that drains no Energy in high lag situations.
  • Fixed Revenant Thrall death pillars not causing damage on contact, only with projectiles for Clients.
  • Fixed Revenant Thralls created by pillar projectiles not showing its effect and cannot be damaged for Clients.
  • Fixed Strain Consume maggots auto-Reviving players if they are downed.
  • Fixed ability to briefly stand up / move around after being captured by Zanuka.
  • Fixed accessing the pause menu while casting Wisp's Sol Gate ability causing the animation to break.
  • Fixed breaking your body and soul after Transferring to the Operator during Simaris’ Synthesis Tutorial.
  • Fixed enemies from previous Zones randomly mingling in with the ones in the new Zone that you just entered.
  • Fixed casting Hildryn’s Balefire, then falling off a ledge as Operator causes the Primary weapon to break and the Secondary weapon to become dual.
  • Fixed the Javlok Amalgam Mod and Reflection Mod stacking in an unexpected multiplicative way.
  • Fixed the Synth Deconstruct Mod effect ceasing to function if your only Set Mod is equipped on your on Sentinel and you respawn.
  • Fixed the new Essential Mod Bundles not being where they used to and being buried in with other miscellaneous bundles which may cause some confusion.
  • Fixed the Hydroid Karkinos dangly front tentacles being too stiff.
  • Fixed the Titania Lympharis Skin Energy color persisting as default.
  • Fixed the Nyx Aures Helmet Energy color persisting as default.
  • Fixed Nyx’s armband Energy color persisting as default.
  • Fixed Nyx Prime / Nyx Immortal Skins forearm Energy color persisting as default.
  • Fixed undiscovered Gas City Fragments showing as Plains of Eidolon Fragments in the Codex.
  • Fixed the Primed Cryo Rounds Mod not appearing in the Codex when owned.
  • Fixed a duplicate Demolyst entry in the Codex.
  • Fixed inability to Chat link Noggles.
  • Fixed a level hole in the Grineer Forest tileset as reported here:
  • Fixed Vector Shields visually disappearing when viewing it through a scoped weapon.
  • Fixed Grineer walking around in circles in Vor’s Prize ‘Find the Comms Segment’.
  • Fixed casting a headless Loki Decoy if the Loki Erebus Helmet equipped.
  • Fixed the Harpak chain sticking around for long periods.

The Jovian Concord: Hotfix


  • Fixed a crash when selecting the Essential Toxic Mod Pack in the Market.
  • Fixed Ivara’s Prowl FX pointing towards the ceiling and not the player.


6/11/19 2:15 PM EDT update: We are investigating why the Operation hasn't begun at 2 PM EDT as scheduled, we'll keep you updated! We're hoping the wait shouldn't be too much longer. Thank you for your patience.

6/11/19 2:16 PM EDT update: Operation Hostile Mergers is LIVE! If you do not see it in your Navigation, relog 🙂

Rumors are circulating of an alliance between Alad V and our most feared enemy -- the Sentients.

For a limited time, earn your very own Spectra Vandal, Glaxion Vandal, and bring glory to your Clan! Operation: Hostile Mergers ends on June 24th @ 10 AM EDT.

PS4 WEB LEADERBOARDS: - human friendly! - Cephalon friendly!

Xbox One WEB LEADERBOARDS: - human friendly! - Cephalon friendly!

Nintendo Switch WEB LEADERBOARDS: - human friendly! - Cephalon friendly!

What You Need To Do
The new DISRUPTION game mode is the playing field for Operation: HOSTILE MERGERS! You need to play through each mission difficulty for the associated Operation reward. Collect keys from fallen Amalgams to activate corresponding conduits, then protect the conduits from the Demolysts that will seek to destroy them.

1) Play the corresponding OPERATION nodes to earn the Rewards!
2) The final node is the endurance node - a single best run will earn you the best Rewards!

What You Need To Know
1) Minibosses lead the way - beware the DEMOLYSTS. Defeating a DEMOLYST is the key to progress - or failure. You have 4 conduits to defend each Round. If a Demolyst gets to the conduit and detonates, you lose that conduit. The pressure is on. DEMOLYSTS make themselves known with custom alarm sounds to help you find them, and an icon as they draw near.
2) Leaderboards do not include scores from members that joined after the Operation started.

Personal Rewards

There are 4 missions to play for Personal Rewards! Simply play the appropriate mission in your World State Window to acquire the goods!

  3. Aura Forma
  4. Endurance Mode - includes SPECTRA VANDAL and GLAXION VANDAL if you can manage the necessary single-run score!

Clan Information:
Clan scores are determined by the Total (Sum) of each participating clan member's single best run! We will have Clan Leaderboards! These leaderboards do not include scores from members that joined after the Operation started.

Clan Trophy Tier Rewards:

Your Clan will be eligible for Operation trophies if you've got what it takes! Our intention is that if roughly 50% of a clan of a given tier is active and participating, they can earn a Gold trophy. Trophies are a cosmetic item that signify earning a specific milestone for a given operation. For Operation: Hostile Mergers, earning Gold will signify the milestone of rallying your clan or cooperating with other clans to earn points (i.e Solo clans bringing more firepower by working together). Not everyone will get Gold, and that's okay!






8,000 Points

12,000 Points

16,000 Points

20,000 Points


24,000 Points

36,000 Points

48,000 Points

60,000 Points


80,000 Points

120,000 Points

160,000 Points

200,000 Points


240,000 Points

360,000 Points

480,000 Points

600,000 Points


800,000 Points

1,200,000 Points

1,600,000 Points

2,000,000 Points